Course Code: 80109/80209/80309/80409  
Course Level:  Academic 
Credits:      3.0/4.0 
Grade Level: 9 - 12 
Prerequisite:       None 

Physical Education classes are scheduled for the entire year.  Each marking period is divided into units of instruction.

 Activities include basic motor skill development, individual and team sports, self-testing activities, recreational sports, and physical fitness programs.

 The program in grades 9 and 10 is designed to give the students a foundation in the basic components of Physical Education.  It is also designed to give the students an introduction to most of the course offerings we have in the elective program in grades 11 and 12.  Grades 11 and 12 consist mostly of activity classes where the emphasis is on exercise, fitness and lifetime activities.

 Prior to the day’s scheduled activities, all students will participate in the fitness component of the curriculum which consists of a six minute run and a six station circuit.  The circuit is comprised of a variety of activities to develop muscular tone and agility and to promote physical well-being.  The fitness component consists of a progression of cardiovascular training followed by static and dynamic warm-ups.

 The personal fitness component is designed to develop within students a greater understanding of the role fitness plays in managing overall health. Students will learn how to assess personal fitness levels and experience a variety of physical activities, all of which aim to improve fitness.  Students will also design a prudent personal fitness program and maintain a portfolio recording the achievement of personally challenging goals.