Course Code: 81109/81309/81409  
Course Level:  Academic 
Credits:      1.0 
Grade Level: 9,11,12 
Prerequisite:       None 

The Health curriculum is designed to motivate students to make responsible, healthy decisions. In this abstinence-centered curriculum, abstinence is the goal, not an option.  Students are instructed that abstinence whether from sexual activity or substance use and abuse, is the only 100 % effective technique to avoid health risks and are presented with accurate, developmentally appropriate information and effective decision-making strategies.  There are alternate assignments available*.

 Our comprehensive health curriculum includes the following content areas which build upon and support one another: prevention of substance use and abuse, injury prevention and safety, nutrition, family life and human sexuality, mental and emotional health, community health, consumer health, personal health, and the prevention and control of disease. 

 A quality health curriculum provides scientifically-based information. Health education is a dynamic field and this curriculum provides strategies to incorporate new contemporary research that is valid and reliable.

*Under Title 18A: 35-4.7, parents may excuse their child from any part of our health curriculum for conscientious, moral or religious reasons.  If parents wish to exercise this right, simply write a letter to your principal explaining your intent.  Provisions will be made for your child to be excused from class, without penalty, on days these topics are presented by the teacher.  Since the course is graded, the student, while excused, may be required to complete an alternative assignment that meets with parental approval.  Alternative assignments will be similar in scope to that portion of instruction from which the student is excused.