Course Code: 65660 
Course Level:  AP 
Credits:      5.0 
Grade Level: 11 - 12 
Prerequisite:       Fundamentals of Music Theory 

Music Theory AP is a second year option that is available to eleventh and twelfth grade students.  In this course the student is expected to continue a rigorous three-pronged approach to music: listening, performing, and writing.

 A student entering this course will continue to study musical elements and their practical applications.  It is assumed that students entering this course have had experience in writing, listening, playing, and recognizing music elements as presented in the Fundamentals of Music Theory course.

Students are given the opportunity to research a selected music topic and to reveal an understanding of music theory through original compositions and arrangements.  Additionally, Music Theory AP incorporates guidelines as set forth by the College Board in their AP Music Theory course curriculum.  Students enrolled in Music Theory AP may take the Advanced Placement Theory examination in the spring for college credit.