Course Code: 63020 
Course Level:  Academic 
Credits:      N/A 
Grade Level: 11 - 12 
Prerequisite:       Open to IB Diploma  and certificate candidates only

HL students must take Fundamentals of Music Theory


IB Music is a two-year curriculum offered at both the Higher Level and the Standard Level.  The pre-existing high school music performance groups (choir, symphonic band, wind ensemble, and orchestra) are the basis of the IB program. Implementation of IB music is through a series of seminars that supplement the information and skills the existing groups provide.

 These seminars provide the opportunity to present information on music from the Middle Ages to the present, non-Western music, and the IB program. 

Included in these presentations are the strategies and musical vocabulary necessary for the critical analysis of music.

 All IB students are encouraged to enroll in Music Theory in addition to their performing group participation.  For those students attempting the Higher Level composition option, Music Theory is strongly encouraged in the junior or senior year.  In keeping with IB standards, students are expected to do outside reading, independent study, and curriculum related concert attendance.

 All IB candidates should be interviewed by the music faculty.  Based on evaluations of the faculty, all candidates will receive an individualized plan designed to optimize their success in the program.