Course Code: 65075/64030/65020  
Course Level:  IB/Advanced/Academic 
Credits:      5.0/6.0
Grade Level: 9 - 12 
Prerequisite:      *None (see below)
- 5.0 Academic credit - no prerequisite
- 5.0 Advanced credit - no prerequisite. Students taking advanced credit will complete additional work
- 6.0 IB credit - prerequisite - teacher approval. Students taking IB credit will meet for an additional class period before school once per week

Enrollment in band allows the student to participate in performing a full range of available literature styles for band.  Suites, symphonic movements, marches, solo and ensemble literature from the seventeenth to the twenty first centuries are presented in various instrumental settings.

 Band members can qualify for possible acceptance into Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Marching Band, small ensembles, and other selected groups. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to audition for All-State and Region honors ensembles.

 All members are expected to participate in rehearsals and performances unless excused by the instructor.  Every attempt is made to schedule all members for one lesson per week.  Outside study and practice are encouraged.

 The Differentiated Proficiencies will be presented and discussed in the first weeks of class to allow for an informed choice of level.  Students will select this level prior to the midpoint of the first marking period. Students taking eh IB Lab class should refer to the “IB Music” description in this guide.