Course Code: 46670 
Course Level:  IB - HL/AP 
Credits:      6.0 
Grade Level: 12 
Prerequisite:       Honors Pre-Calculus and teacher recommendation 

This course follows the curriculum recommendations of the Advanced Placement Board for the Calculus (BC) and the Higher Level International Baccalaureate curriculum.  The calculus curriculum is a thorough study of differential and integral calculus as well as infinite series and polynomial approximations.  Included will be a study of topics such as complex number systems, parametric equations, vector systems, matrices, and three dimensional geometry.  It is recommended only for students with a keen interest in higher mathematics and will be offered if enrollment is sufficient.  The course will prepare students for both the AP Calculus BC exam and International Baccalaureate Mathematics Higher Level exam.  All students will complete explorations as part of their assessment for the course.  The exploration problems of the students enrolled in the IB Diploma program will be evaluated by the IB organization, in addition to being assessed internally by the instructor of the course.