"A Program designed to assist and empower students in the development of a career vision for the new global, knowledge-based economy."
STEM Pathway

The IB Career-Related Programme enables students to:
  • Develop a broad range of career-related competencies and deepen their understanding general areas of knowledge within a career field.
  • Prepare for effective participation in the ever-changing global workplace.
  • Engage in service learning that makes a positive difference to the local and/or global community.
  • Communicate effectively and clearly, especially within a career related field.
  • Combine traditional academic skills and practical career knowledge. 
  • Foster the attributes of the WMRHSD Vision of a Graduate in a career field.
  • Gain greater direction and preparation for a purposeful college experience. 

The IB Career-Related Programme is an innovative framework incorporating the vision and educational principles of IB into a unique program specifically tailored for students who wish to explore career-related learning. The aim of this program is to assist students in the development of their personal career vision and empower them to succeed in the next academic challenge and in future entry into the global, knowledge-based economic workforce.

The WMRHSD IB Career-Related Programme is a two-year program that was authorized for IB approval in June 2016 as the first district in New Jersey to offer the IBCP.  School academic transcripts will recognize participation in the IB CP  and students in the program will receive an IB Career-Related Programme certificate as well as recognition at graduation ceremonies similar to IB Diploma students.