Course Code: 20154 
Course Level:  IB/Honors (Class of 2018)
Credits:      5.0 
Grade Level: 9/11 
Prerequisite:       AP US History 2, teacher recommendation 
Description:  IB World History is the first class in a two year sequence for the highly motivated student of history who will also take History of Europe and the Middle East as a senior. Students will explore the work of historians, examine historiography, and analyze primary and secondary sources in order to develop the skills necessary for a sophisticated understanding of world events. The content spans from the early global age to a more detailed analysis of the events of the twentieth century. Topics of study include international relations, causes, practices and effects of wars, origins and development of authoritarian states, and the Cold War. Students will be required to complete an historical investigation in this course, and are expected to take the external assessments offered by the IB program.