Course Code: 20370 
Course Level:  IB/AP
Credits:      5.0 
Grade Level: 10 - 11 
Prerequisite:       US History 1 Honors, Teacher Recommendation 

This course completes the chronology of the US History 1 Honors program.  Highly motivated students pursue a rigorous college-level survey of historical events, concepts, interpretations and themes in American history from the Progressive Movement to the present. In preparation for the Advanced Placement US History test, students will analyze primary sources, evaluate evidence and interpretations, and defend their assumptions through a variety of writing assignments.  Students will be prepared for the high level of historical analysis necessary to take the AP test and to prepare for the IB history program in their senior year. All students enrolled in this class are expected to take the AP test administered in May.

 ***This course will be offered as an AP level class to the students in the class of 2018 in their sophomore year.  Those interested in pursuing an IB Diploma should make reference to the new course sequence.