Course Code: 10474
Course Level:  IB-HL/AP 
Credits:      5.0 
Grade Level:  12
Prerequisite:       Honors/IB English 3 or faculty recommendation 
Description:  This program presents selections from world literature from various genres and periods.  The course is designed to develop the students' sense of how style, subject, and audience are related.  A detailed analysis of these aspects of literature is the aim. Students are expected to initiate ideas and discern inferences common to different literary works and informational texts.  They research and explore ideas independently; writing commentary papers that demonstrates in-depth understanding of specific passages.  Two major world literature papers on structure, literary technique, characterization, and staging.  Students experiment with methods of transforming written scripts to performed entertainment.  The course culminates in students writing, acting, directing, and performing their own dramatic works.

Students will be required to attend out-of-class performances and perform creative hours working on a production of their choice.