Course Code: 10130/10120 
Course Level:  Advanced, Academic 
Credits:      5.0 
Grade Level: 
Prerequisite:       None 
Description:  English 1 emphasizes the basic skills of grammar and mechanics, close critical reading of world literature and informational texts, annotation, essay writing, oral presentation and vocabulary. Teaching of various types of writing including argumentative, commentary, expository, and research-based is designed to build skills needed for correctness of expression and organization. Students are introduced to the mythology of different cultures. Challenging world literature including poetry, novels, short stories, and drama and studied. Close reading for mastery of content and writing about related concepts are emphasized. Students will be introduced to library research skills and strategies for test- taking and study skills will be taught. Vocabulary study stresses not only meaning but also etymology and words in context. Oral presentations skills are introduced and practiced.