Course Code: 62120/62130
Course Level:  Advanced/Academic 
Credits:      5.0 
Grade Level:  10 - 12 
Prerequisite:       None 
Description:  This course satisfies the graduation requirement related to 21st Century Life and Careers.
This course is designed for the student who plans to major in business, handle personal finances, or pursue a business career and will introduce students to the principles and problems of establishing and managing a small business. In the course, students will be exposed to the many facets of business economics, marketing, and finance. Highlights include participation in the Stock Market Game and a trip to Wall Street. Principles of Business is especially helpful for the student who wants to get ahead in the business world by participating in the spirit and dynamics of the American free enterprise system.

The course may be taken as Advanced or Academic at the option of the student. Those students taking the course at the Advanced level will take the final examination and will also be required to complete an additional project.