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Community Invited To Spoken Word Student Ho'ike 

West Hawai'i Today/North Hawai'i News Feature - October 23, 2017


Full STEAM Ahead!  Waimea Middle School's STEAM building and planning 

West Hawai'i Today/North Hawai'i News Feature - Friday, Jan. 27, 2017: 


Construction To Begin For New STEM Building at Waimea Middle School 

West Hawai'i Today - Sept. 10, 2015:  


WMS Student One of 10 Nationally To Win Fire Prevention Award For "Taking Action" After Kawaihae Fire! 



WMS 9-Classroom STEM Building Groundbreaking - Sept. 9, 2015

           News Feature - WEST HAWAI'I TODAY - THURS., SEPT. 10, 2015:  http://westhawaiitoday.com/news/local-news/new-stem-building-set-construction-waimea-middle


Our 9-Classroom STEM Building continues to move forward!  



A New Laptop Coming For Every WMS Student!

           News Feature in West Hawai'i Today & Hawai'i Tribune-Herald:  http://westhawaiitoday.com/news/local-news/waimea-middle-school-gets-147k-donation-computers

           News Feature in Pacific Business News:  http://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/blog/morning_call/2015/02/texas-foundation-gives-147k-in-laptops-to-big.html 

           News Feature in North Hawai'i News:  http://northhawaiinews.com/sections/news/generous-donation-benefits-every-waimea-middle-school-student.html


 "Connecting for Success" Family Night                         



News Features on WMS School Bus Fundraising: 



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Waimea Middle School Makahiki Festival Brings Science and Fun to Families - North Hawai’i News – November 21, 2013


WMS K(Arts) Grand Finale Performance - North Hawai’i News – Nov. 2013


Waimea Middle School Uses Hokule'a As A Model

- Hawai'i Public Radio by Sherry Bracken - Thurs., Dec. 19, 2013


- North Hawai'i News by Catherine Tarleton - Thurs., Dec. 26, 2013



Mayor Shares His Keys To Success At Waimea Middle School

- West Hawai’i Today – March 14, 2014




- Big Island Video Newsʻ feature 



Plans for WMS STEM Building Take a Step Forward With Funding Approval

- North Hawai’i News – March 20, 2014



WMS To Welcome WASC Accreditation Team - North Hawai’i News – March 20, 2014


Waimea Middle School Students Capture MedalsIn Hawai’i County and State Junior     Life Guard Fitness Championships

Three Waimea Middle School students participated in this summer's County Parks & Rec’s Hawai'i Island Junior Life Guard program to boost their fitness and learn about water and life safety. 

All three -- Maile Etherton and Tania DuPont (both entering 8th grade) and Asher Robertson (entering 7th grade) – completed the program, taking medals in the finals competition at Hapuna Beach July 21, and Maile Etherton went on to place first out of 70 participants in the Statewide competition this past Saturday, July 28. 

WMS students capturing medals at the County-wide competition were:

*  Maile Etherton:  1st Place in "Flags" and 5th Place in "Paddle Relay"

*   Tania DuPont:  3rd Place in "1,000m Run" and 5th Place in "Flags" 

*  Asher Robertson:  3rd Place in "Paddle Relay" and 4th Place in "200m Swim."

Both Maile and Tania were then invited to participate in the State of Hawai'i Junior Life Guard Championships July 28 at Ala Moana Beach Park – and thanks to generous support from the Alex and Duke DeRego Foundation, they were able to participate. 

Maile Etherton took 1st Place in “Flags” (age group 13-14). 

This program is offered every summer by Hawai’i County Department of Parks & Recreation for the nominal charge of $20.  It ran for two weeks and was open to all youth with an interest in fitness and life safety and who had basic swimming skills. 

Coaching the Hapuna team of students was William Black Abraham. 

* * * * *

WMS Student’s ‘Mental Karate Jigna Essay’

Wins Only ’Legendary Hero’ Award Presented
In United States This Year, Plus $200!  

“Jigna” is a word in the Ethiopian language of Tigrynia that refers to a legendary hero who can never be defeated.  Each year, Mental Karate selects up to five students to receive its Jigna Award.  To win, students who have achieved the status of Black Belts must write an essay outlining all the actions they took from White Belt to Black Belt and explain how those actions changed their life and the lives of others. 

Jignas are inspirational examples for everyone who ventures on the journey of earning their belts.   WMS’ 7th grade student Cody Cook’s essay was chosen as a winner for 2012 and he is the only Jigna selected in the entire United States this year.

Cody is shown here with teacher Mrs. Noetzel when he received his award certificate and $200 in cash.  He will be featured on the Mental Karate website, too.   (www.mentalkarate.com).  Congratulations, Cody!


Click here to read more about this VIP Guest! 

West Hawai'i Today Feature Story - Thurs., May 10, 2012: 

Resort’s pasta dish fundraiser supports Waimea Middle School garden 

(To read story and see more pictures, click here and scan down on the right hand side of the page for the feature story by Carolyn Lucas Zenk)! 

 * * * * *

Click here to read more about Student Leadership!

* * * * *

Our Kuha'o Scores on YouTube!! 

he past several weeks have been pretty amazing for Kuha’o Kawa’auhau Case -- a WMS 8th grade student!  Blind since birth yet a remarkable young man and an exceptional keyboard musician with an extraordinary “ear” -- he was invited to perform at the Mormon Tabernacle in Utah recently and later was filmed demonstrating his ability to listen to unfamiliar music, and then step to the piano and play it.  Two film clips have attracted thousands of hits on YouTube this past week, one of Kuha'o spontaneously playing, "Cracks" by Freestylers, and another, “Phantom of the Opera.”  Go to the school’s website for the link to watch Kuha’o in action! 

Click on the link below to check out Kuha'o on YouTube
  (depending on your web browser, you may have to copy & paste this...


* * * * *

To read more about our amazing Robotics program, click here!

WMS Students Participate In Native Tree Planting In Kohala's Koai'a Corridor with Kohala Watershed Partners

MAHALO NUI LOA to Cherokee Beamer-Barros, Makana Oliveros, Gavin Paraiso, Joshua Salazar and Zech Ugalde for helping to plant 600 native seedlings on Kohala Mountain in the Koai'a Corridor this past Saturday.  They represented WMS well and helped the Kohala Watershed Partnership approach their goal of planting 1,000 trees in the month of April in honor of Earth Day.  Led by KWP field crew Brad Lau, Cody Dwight and Tiana Maple and working with 20 other volunteers from UH-Hilo and the  community, the group tackled the long grass, scaled a steep gulch, and endured the elements (evident in this stunning photo) to plant 'iliahi (sandalwood), koai'a, kulu'i, mamane, and a'ali'i.  We appreciate you all doing your part to preserve and improve the health of our mountains and watershed. 

* * * * *
Congratulations, Roland! 

WMS 6th Grade Student Roland Afaga, Jr. Spells His Way To       

Being #2 In the State of Hawai’i! 

The words WMS 6th grade student Roland Afaga, Jr. was asked to spell during the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee on a “live” statewide television on PBS/Channel 10 on March 24, 2012 were extremely difficult.  They included INCORRUPTABLE, EXUBERANT, NEBBISH, VIVACE, MANDIR, TOKOMAK, JACAMAR, and REJONEADOR! 

Then, in the 15th round, Roland missed a word - ILLEISM.  Four other students also missed their word in that round, leaving Konawaena 6th grader Taggart Nakamoto the last of the 14 student finalists standing, and Taggart successfully spelled the Championship Word, BILLABONG, thereby taking the 2012 State Championship and earning the right to represent Hawai’i in Washington, D.C.this May. 

Then, off-air, a “spell off” was held to determine first runner-up and Roland won the round!

* * * * *

Meet The ‘Waimea Boars’ -- State Rugby Champions!

Introducing the State Champion Youth 15 Girls Rugby Team -- aka the Waimea Boars -- after their 2nd game this weekend where they captured the championship!  They are (L-R) Hoku Pagan, Makenna Francis, Tiana Tupe, Shania Tupe, Ayla Silva, Kyra Hannum and Viviana Anthony-Cox.  All of these athletic young women (except Ayla and Shania) are WMS students!  Congratulations, ladies!  You make us so proud!     

August 2011:

As We Honor A Fallen Marine...Mahalo To All…

We Are So Proud of Our Students...

Aloha –

I wish to take a moment to tell families how proud we are of every single one of our Waimea Middle School students for how they rose to the occasion last Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011, during the Honor Guard Procession for Chris Camero.  Chris is a former student who gave his life as a Marine in Afghanistan, protecting our freedom. 

I, along with our teachers and staff, were quite choked up as the procession passed by.  We were choked up – not just because of Chris’ tremendous sacrifice and sadness for his family, but also because our students were so prepared and respectful.  They stood quietly at attention with their hands across their chest – or helped hold American flags.

It was a sea of children in Royal Blue Pa’ahana shirts stretched out for nearly a quarter mile along the side of the road.  Many parents and friends lined the opposite side of the roadway as the procession passed, and they, as well as the police officers who came to lend a hand to be sure everyone was safe, told us how impressed they were by our students. 

Also, we were told Thursday evening about how touched Chris’ family was when they passed by in the procession.   

We thank families for helping support your child through difficult moments like this as well as the good times.  Working together, and that's the important point -- working together -- we can raise the bar for our children – and help them realize their dreams.  We are deeply grateful for your partnership with us and we hope to see you tomorrow evening at Open House to continue building this partnership.

Malama Pono – John R. Colson - CEEO/Principal

HONORING A FORMER WMS STUDENT AND MARINE HERO:  We’re not sure which student thought to bring this Marine Corps banner from home, but it was perfect for displaying last week when our 280 students and 30+ staff lined up along Mamalahoa Highway to honor former WMS student Chris Camero, who recently perished when  serving in the Marine Corps in Afghanistan.  This photo was taken by North Hawai’i News Editor Ron Eland and published in last week’s newspaper—but it was too priceless not to share with all students and families!  Mahalo, Mr. Eland.  

WMS' Stone Soup Solution to DOE Furloughs!  


June 19, 2003 - We are proud to be Hawai'i's first Public Conversion Charter School under Act 2/2002!