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WMS Students Read About & Research Climate Change & Sea Level Rise...Then Seek Out Kupuna & Experts to Reflect On What's Happening Here in Waimea

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Online Reading Program Can Significantly Improve Student Reading Pleasure & Skill

Families Urged To Log Onto Achieve3000 Home Edition

READING – both for sheer pleasure and because it’s required in almost everything we do in life – is a critical skill that WMS faculty and staff are dedicated to optimizing for each and every student.  To maximize student progress in reading, WMS has implemented numerous strategies – from small class sizes led by highly qualified Language Arts teachers to purchasing access for students and families to TeenBiz3000 – a rigorous yet enjoyable online skill building program.  TeenBiz is used in WMS’ in-school language arts classes and also may be accessed during after- school Homework Help+ and at home.  Students can make arrangements for added computer access time by talking to their teacher. 

To support student progress, families are urged to log on to their free TeenBiz Home Edition account.  All families should have received a letter that included a username and password.  If a replacement letter with this information is needed, families may ask their child’s teacher to send home another copy of the TeenBiz Home Edition setup instructions.  It’s easy to do and just takes a minute! 

Why TeenBiz/Achieve 3000? 

Research shows that students who complete 40 TeenBiz3000 activities per year make significant reading level increases.  If your child gets on twice a week—and reaches 80 activities by the end of the year—you' will see even more gains: three times better than expected!                           

How Families Can Help Their Student Progress

WMS includes TeenBiz3000 time during the school day.  But families can play an important role in making sure their child completes 40-80 activities.  Here’s how families can help:

 Encourage your child to work on TeenBiz3000 at home. If possible, pick a consistent day of the week and time of day to work on TeenBiz3000.  We provide new content every day, so there’s always something new for your child to do on the program. And, your child can earn points and achievements for work completed at home!              Let your child know how proud you are of each activity he/she completes.

 Tell your child that it means a lot to you that he/she completes two activities each week.

 Show your child that you’re interested.  Read the daily articles or call the Parent Hotline—888-486-3316—to listen to a summary of the daily article.  Use the guiding questions in your weekly Conversation Guide to spark at-home discussions with your child.


How TeenBiz works:  '

Each day, TeenBiz3000 sends your child a current events article. Every student in the class gets the same basic article, but the content is customized to match each child's own reading level. The article comes with a variety of fun activities to improve your child's comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills.  As your child's reading level improves, TeenBiz will increase the level of difficulty so he/she remains challenged and interested.

Questions?  Please contact your child’s Language Arts teacher by leaving a message with the office or click here to find his/her email. 


Reading to keiki at the Saturday "Waimea Reads!" Booth At Waimea Homestead Farmers Market! 

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