Uniforms & Dress Code

2016-17 School Year

Mandatory T-Shirt Uniforms  

Required daily for all students.  Uniform t-shirts must be worn with Dress Code-compliant pants, jeans, skirts or shorts.  Shorts and skirts must be at least 2” below the finger tips when the student’s arm is extended.  Jackets may be worn over uniform t-shirts, but t-shirt always required.  Uniform t-shirts may not be cut or altered in any way.  Also, uniforms from the past 4 years may be worn as well as all previous special event and program shirts for Athletics, Leadership, K(Arts), Fun Run, etc.  

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  $45 Package of 6 Short Sleeve Shirts  - Save $3 (2  Blue, 2 Gray, 2 Black  -  no substitutions)


Individual Shirts/Jackets:  

  Short-Sleeve Shirts: Y/L to 2XL: $8 each  

  Long-Sleeve Shirts:   A/S-XL: $10    2X: $11    3X: $12      

  Long-Sleeve Hooded Pullover Jackets:  A/S-XL: $20    2X & 3X: $22    

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From The 2014-'15 WMS Student Planner: STUDENT DRESS CODE

To nurture school and class pride, ensure student safety, improve focus on academics, and minimize clothing costs for families, WMS requires a mandatory T-Shirt Uniform.  All students must wear their WMS School t-shirt, no exceptions.  Shirts are available for purchase and every effort is made to hold down the cost and optimize the durability of the garment.  

Students may not cut, alter or augment t-shirt uniforms. 

Uniform t-shirts must be worn with pants, shorts, skirts or blue jeans.  Jackets, sweaters and pullovers may be worn over the uniform t-shirt but the t-shirt is mandatory at all times.  

Long sleeved shirts must be worn underneath a uniform t-shirt, and button up shirts must have a uniform shirt worn underneath and visible.


The following clothing items are considered inappropriate for school:

·         Short/tight or form fitting pants, shorts, skirts or blue jeans that are too revealing. (Shorts and skirts must be at least 2” below the finger tips when the student’s arm is extended.) Tights or leggings are allowed if under appropriate shorts/skirt only.

·         See-through or loose fitting clothes that reveal underwear or torso.

·         Lace-back or see through backed tops

·         Pajamas

·         Jackets/sweaters/pullovers, etc. with graphics and/or text that promotes alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, sex, violence, bullying, vulgarity or gang-related apparel. 

·         Boys may not take off shirts to expose upper bodies.

·         Caps, hoods and non-prescription dark/colored glasses must be removed in the gym, cafeteria, office and classroom and other instructional settings (as determined by teachers).

·         Any other clothing that is considered disruptive to the learning environment by the school administration.

Note: Shirts pictured below are our new school uniform t-shirts; however, students may still wear both the former Pa'ahana tees and the one depicting our Waimea pu'u.  Students may not wear program and event shirts from prior years 
-- ie, for athletics, K(Arts), etc.  However, program shirts issued this year may be worn on Fridays - only.  

Double click on this form to print and prepare your order.  All shirts are in stock and families may drop by the school office between 8 am and 4 pm during work days to purchase uniforms throughout the school year.   Mahalo! 

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This shirt's graphic design -- created by teacher Kathi Foster -- depicts Waimea's beloved pu'u! 


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Jul 25, 2014, 8:29 PM