Student Planner

Every WMS student receives a free Student Planner at the start of each school year.  It is singularly the most important daily communications tool between students-families-teachers-and-staff.  It includes all school policies and procedures and all parties are expected to use it daily to record homework, document completed assignments, and record both positive and concerning behaviors.   

Students must have their Planner with them at all times, and families are encouraged to check them daily to be sure students are completing and turning in assignments and to be aware of behaviors – positive and other. 

Many WMS families report they appreciate this communications tool, and student support staff – counselors, advisors and school administrators -- depend on this tracking tool along with direct phone calls and conferences.

Students who forget their Planner on any given day will be issued a one-page Pink Temporary Planner to record the day's homework assignments and any discipline concerns.  Families are expected to review this Temporary Planner just as they would the regular Planner, sign it and have their child return the form to his/her Homeroom Teacher. 

There are discipline consequences for a student who repeatedly forgets his/her Planner. 

Replacement Planners are available in the office for $5 if a student looses it.  If this continues to be a problem, the school will request a family conference because we believe this means of daily communication between the school and home is essential to support academic progress and a child's well being. 

A copy of the Student Planner including all school policies and procedures, behavior expectations and dress code can be downloaded --  please see below to download.     

Patti Cook,
Dec 8, 2017, 12:08 PM