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2017-'18 School Year

2016-'17 School Year


The final results are in!

3rd Place with -15,120 - 6th Grade
2nd Place with - 8,895 - 8th Grade 
1st Place with - 8,749 - 7th Grade

A total of 6,347 pennies were collected and just over $450 in all raised by all three WMS grade levels for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MALIA CAMERO, MAKENA HURNEY and SHAIYA CACABELOS-SANTANA who came in early, during recess, and stayed after school to count all the money collected.

Mahalo, too, both to our WMS families who supported these war games (yes, there was strategy involved as well as generosity), and to teacher Ms. Owens for making it all come together!

2015-'16 School Year



In all, students raised $314.36 in 8 days to help fight cancer, especially as it impacts keiki and young adults, by supporting leukemia and lymphoma research. 


  • 1st Place with -$18.91 - 6th Grade - Earning them 5 Spirit Points
  • 2nd Place with -$100.80 - 8th Grade - Earning them 3 Spirit Points!
  • 3rd Place with -$107.09 - 7th Grade - Earning them 1 Spirit Point!  

Great work 6th Grade!  

Mahalo to all students, teachers, staff and families for their support!  Mahalo, especially to the students who helped count all those pennies and other coins…and to Ms. 

Owens for advising this project! 


Dynamic Duo Spirit Week RESULTS - As of March 11, 2016:  

Initial Scores were as follows:

Grade 6 - 30

Grade 7 - 34

Grade 8 - 36

After Tuesday's game, 

Grade 6 and 7 tied for 1st Place; then 8th grade


After Wednesday's Dress Up,

Grade 7 won (Kaile Dills and Zenia Okumura aka Thing 1 and Thing 2)

Grade 8 came in 2nd 

Grade 6 came in 3rd


Penny Wars added points, 

Grade 6 were the winners 

Grade 8 came in 2nd

Grade 7 came in 3rd


Finally, Crazy Olympics Game 1:

Grade 8 - 1st

Grade 6 - 2nd

Grade 7 - 3rd

Crazy Olympics Game 2:

Grade 7 - 1st

Grade 6 - 2nd

Grade 8 - 3rd.


So final scores at the end of the week - March 11, 2016:

Grade 6 - 43

Grade 7 - 45

Grade 8 - 47


Only 1 more Spirit Week (month of April) where it could be anyone's win especially with scores this close!  
The winning grade level will have their own little treat sponsored by Student Leadership! 

December 2013

Updated September 17, 2013

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March 2012

WMS Students Return From Youth Leadership Conference Having Learned Many Life Lessons!

Twelve current and one recently exited WMS student met Mickey Mouse and many students from across the U.S. at The Magic Kingdom during their Spring Break trip, which was the result of a nearly 3-year project involving many lessons and memorable moments.