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WMS Presents ‘ThinkF.E.S.T. STEAM Night’ – 6-8 p.m., Wed., March 15, 2018.  Waimea School Cafeteria.  Registration begins at 5:40 p.m.  For WMS and WES students in Grades 2-8.  A hands-on science night presented by Art & Rene Kimura of the Future Flight Program, the F.E.S.T is about Families Exploring Science Together!  Students and their parent partner will participate in science activities, designing and constructing their own brushbot and competing in a speed racing tournament.  Also, several science demonstrations will be provided along with an overview of opportunities provided by NASA for future scientists and engineers.  It’s free and participants will receive a brushbot kit and other science goodies to take home. A family member must sign up to partner with the student.  Participation limited so first-come.  Registration must be submitted by Feb. 15 and confirmation slips will be distributed through homeroom the week of Feb. 20.  Questions:  email:, or call 887-6090 Ext. 256.  


Please join us!



This exceptionally detailed plant cell model was created by Niko Alip for 7th grade science. 

See the Nov. 12, 2014 'Ohana News &/or Facebook for more pictures depicting plant and animal cell student projects. 

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WMS 7th Grade Science Classes Link Up With Two Youngest Hokule'a Crew Members...for a glimpse of what life is like on board the wa'a, 

and how this connects to our I KAIR core values and "Malama Honua":   

Check this out -- a ShoutOut From Hokule'a Navigator Ka'iulani Murphy to our WMS students and school-community!  

Posted Oct. 13, 2014:

Ask The Crew (Kumu Keala Kahuanui): How Is Water Used on the Hokule'a?   (Posted 8/4/14)

Ask The Crew (Maulili Dickson): Does the Hokule'a Crew Eat Dried Foods?  (Posted 8/4/14)

Hanging Out (A Google Hangout video newsclip) with Ka'iulani Murphy on Hikianalia in Hilo talking to WMS science students! (Posted 5/27/14)

2013-'14 SY: 

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WMS Families And All Of Waimea Invited to 2nd ‘Ohana Makahiki Fest! 

4-7 p.m., Thursday, November 14, 2013 

For short video clip of the 2013 event, check out this link on youtube:  

In Mala’ai garden and the adjacent soccer field.  (Please enter campus from the back gate and park on the field.)  

With the Makahiki season rapidly approaching – a time in ancient Hawai’i for setting aside workday routines and even war to celebrate the harvest and participate in cultural activities that included challenging games of skill and strength – WMS students are learning to connect these traditional skills and practices to 21st century science, math, language arts, social studies, health and fitness. 

To share these lessons and the excitement they generate and how they connect to core curriculum and academic progress, WMS’ science teaching team along with our 'Ike Hawai'i and Mala'ai garden teachers are inviting all students, families and community friends to this outdoor program that will feature many hands-on activities including:

·         Makahiki games led by Kumu Keala Kahuanui

·         Making Star Finders

·         Learning about celestial navigation (outdoors after dark under the stars – weather permitting)

·         Traditional “Canoe Foods” including poi pounding with friends from Amy Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden and sampling ulu (breadfruit) and fresh coconut

·         Weaving cordage from lauhala roots with Pua Lincoln from West Hawai’i Community College

·         Creating Solar Print Cards

·         Making Palm Baskets

Participants will be given a “passport” to take from station to station to try all of the activities offered and there will be a little "reward" for those who complete the loop. 

The event also will include a display of the school’s recent “I KAIR” Day of Service when students provided volunteer manpower to support a wide array of community projects.  

Also -- the fest will include a delicious warm dinner of “Stone Soup” – recalling a wonderful old French tale about the making of this magical soup.  All students will be asked to contribute one item for the soup – a letter will be sent home in the Tuesday Envelope to explain the “Stone Soup” project to families.  Items for the soup must be brought in to Advisory class by Tues., Nov. 12.  

Questions?  Please see/email Miss Murphy, Mrs. Bowman or Miss Laz (regarding the Stone Soup).  

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2012-'13 SY: 

WMS Students (& Teachers) Make The News By ‘Making A Difference’!

WMS students and teachers made the front page of the Sunday West Hawai’i Today on Oct. 28, 2012 for their “Make A Difference Day”  volunteering at the Koaia Tree Sanctuary on Kohala Mountain.  It was a day of learning too -- connected to their science class standards and benchmarks! 

This is the complete story reprinted with permission:  

WMS Students Participate In Native Tree Planting
in the Koai'a Corridor of the Kohala Watershed! 

Mahalo To All Who Participated in Family Science & Math Night! 

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Mahalo to students, faculty & families for participating in weed control,
trail building and planting with the Kohala Watershed Partnership
in the Koai'a Tree Sanctuary on Kohala Mountain! 

More service learning days to come - stay tuned!  

Congratulations, Faculty, Students & Families!
WMS' First Halloween Family Science Night Was Awesome!