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Please Keep School Office Updated On Phone Contact Information For Your Family! 
Please be sure the school office is kept current with family contact information - especial phone numbers! 


All guests to campus – including families, guest presenters, delivery personnel and contract services – must check in at the office to obtain a Visitor’s Pass before proceeding onto campus for any reason during the school day. 

Volunteers are always needed, especially for the Mala’ai school garden.  For the safety of students, there is a mandatory volunteer registration process.  Please see staff in the school office or the Garden Teacher. 

Limited Visitor Parking is provided in front of the Middle School office near the flag poles.  Please do not park in the numbered stalls as they are all assigned. 

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WMS has a comprehensive School Safety Plan and teachers, staff and students regularly participate in fire drills and other safety procedures to familiarize all on what to do in the event of an emergency.  Emergency alarms serve both Waimea Elementary and Middle schools so both schools coordinate and participate in all drills.    

WHAT STUDENTS SHOULD DO:  Whenever hearing alarms or bells, students are asked to stop what they are doing and quietly listen to and follow instructions from their teacher or school staff member.  Teachers brief students on procedures, including what to do if an alarm is sounded when passing between classes, at recess or attending class on the field, in the gym, library or Mala’ai garden. 

WHAT FAMILIES SHOULD DO:  If it’s a drill, parents do not need to respond.  However, in the event of a real incident, families should turn on a local radio station immediately for information.  The school will keep stations informed as well as police, fire and other emergency services (i.e., American Red Cross, Civil Defense) as the situation warrants.  For the safety of all, families should NOT come to campus until informed to do so by the media, police, Civil Defense or by direct communication with the school.  


In the event of an emergency, families are urged to turn on their radio to a Big Island station for information, especially if unable to reach the school because of work obligations, transportation, etc.  The school will communicate with the Police, Fire and other emergency responders as well as Civil Defense, as appropriate, and also communicate with key radio stations.  

The school also will place "School Connects" calls to families if the situation warrants it to keep them informed. 

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September 2015

Uku Advisory

With the start of a new school year...the subject of ukus (aka head lice) often comes up and WMS has had a reported case. Posted below is the Hawaiʻi State Department of Healthʻs current Fact Sheet about head lice, about which there has been a lot of solid scientific research.

Most importantly, it says that students should not be sent home or kept home from school -- treatment needs to occur and caution taken to avoid getting ukus -- but as yucky as they may be, "No healthy child should be excluded from or allowed to miss school time because of head lice." Also, they are not the result of bad hygiene and, in fact, prefer clean rather than dirty hair.

Here are some good prevention tips and facts to consider:

• Avoid sharing combs, brushes, towels, hats and helmets
• Don't go head to head – try to avoid touching hairs and heads with other kids when hugging hello or goodbye
• Keep hats, scarves and coats out of common areas
• Selfies are fun, but can help spread lice! Taking a selfie is part of hanging out, but if it involves more than one person squeezing into a frame and connecting heads you might want your kid to opt out or go solo

• Head lice spread by crawling; they cannot jump, fly or hop
• Head to head contact with a person who has head lice is the most common way to transfer lice
• Dogs, cats and other pets cannot contract or spread lice
• Over the counter chemical lice pesticide treatments and shampoos are no longer effective on killing many strains of head lice
• Head lice love all types of hair. They are not the result of bad hygiene and prefer clean rather than dirty hair

For more information, please feel free to call the State Department of Healthʻs Waimea Public Health Nurse, Sandra Tomiyama, RN, BSN - Tel: 887-8116, or call your family physician.  

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February 2015

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Waimea Middle School To Participate In ‘The Great Hawai’i Shakeout’ At 10:17 a.m., Thurs., Oct. 17, 2013

Last year, Waimea Middle School was the only organization in the State of Hawai’i that signed up and participated in “The Great American Shakeout” – a national earthquake preparedness drill that involved millions of participants and hundreds of schools and other organizations across the country.

This year, WMS will again participate in the drill – at 10:17 a.m., Thurs., Oct. 17, 2013 -- along with what is expected to be more than 16 million other participants nationally because it was a meaningful learning experience last year for all – students, faculty and families. 

But this year the school has company as already more than 13,000 statewide in Hawai’i and about 5,000 on this island have signed up to participate in the preparedness drill. 

“Participating makes sense.  We live on a volcanic island where earthquakes are common, though often barely noticeable,” said Principal Matt Horne.  “But most remember ‘the big one’ here on Oct. 15, 2006, so this is a good way to be sure we’re prepared when it happens again,” he said. 

The drill practices what to do in the event of an earthquake.  At 10:17 a.m., students and faculty will pretend an earthquake is happening and practice getting into a safe position to ride out the event.  As prescribed by approved earthquake safety protocols, students are instructed to: “Drop, Cover and Hold On.”  No one should run outside or move under a door jam but instead, drop to the floor before being thrown off balance, get under a sturdy table or desk, and if you can’t do that, get down next to a wall without things above you to fall on you.  In addition to finding a table for cover, individuals are instructed to put a hand over their head and neck as protection from falling debris and, if possible, hold onto the table to keep it over you to protect you – don’t let it shake away. 

For more information or to register to participate, visit

These are Recommended earthquake Safety Actions...double click to see in full format and/or to download and print.  

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Safety Drills:  Throughout the school year, WMS students participate in a variety of emergency preparedness drills including  for fire, earthquake, hazardous spill and complete lockdown.  Recently, our students participated in "The Great Shake Out," which was the largest earthquake drill in U.S. history.  Prior to all drills, teachers review safety precautions and procedures with students.




Student safety is of utmost importance.  All families must use the one-way entry drive for drop-off and pick-up.

One-way drop-off and pick-up times are as follows:

  • Mornings:            7 – 8:30 am
  • Afternoons:         2:15 – 3:30 pm - M, T, TH, F

                                     1:15 – 2:30 pm - W      

When driving on campus, please observe the 5 MPH speed limit, both for the safety of students and to minimize dust. 

Students MAY ONLY BE DROPPED OFF or PICKED UP in the parking lot adjacent to the cafeteria.  Families may not stop elsewhere to drop off students.

Please do not drive into the lot adjacent to the gym and library to drop-off or pick-up students during hectic morning and afternoon hours as this area is not safe for children! 

REMINDER:  By law it is illegal to pass a school bus when its lights are flashing and STOP sign is out. 



To assure maximum student safety on campus after school, the following safety procedures and expectations apply:   

  • Students who ride the bus must remain on campus between L and W buildings until boarding time.
  • Once students leave campus for any reason, they are not allowed to return. The library is considered off campus.
  • For those students who do not catch the bus, they must leave campus immediately after school or wait for their pick-ups at the cafeteria or library.
  • Students are not allowed to “hang out” or play basketball, etc. 
  • If students have Athletics, they are to stay in the designated area for their sport and may not roam campus.  Coaches are asked to provided needed supervision of team members after school.
  • If students have other after-school activities (Leadership, Robotics, Comic Book Club, etc.), they are to stay in the designated area as defined by the adult leading the activity.
  • If students have Tutoring or Homework Help, the above-mentioned policies are in effect after Tutoring.
  • If students are not where they are supposed to be, staff will assume that they are "hanging out" or roaming and students will be escorted off campus.
  • All students must leave campus when the last bus leaves – approximately 3 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and 2 p.m. on Wednesdays.  Exceptions are made for students involved in after-school activities such as Athletics, Robotics, K-Arts, et
  • After school hours, it is considered “Trespassing” to “hang out” on campus.  Students and community may not be on campus except for Administratively authorized classes, events or activities. 



Families should not attempt to call or text their children during school hours.  If an emergency arises and you must  get a message to your child, please call the office before 1:45 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and by 12:45 p.m. on Wednesdays.   It is very difficult to locate a child once he/she is at recess, at lunch, or after school.  The office staff will make every effort to pass on the message as quickly as possible.



Annually, all schools must advise families, teachers and staff about the presence of asbestos-containing materials in its facilities and methods used to prevent exposure and insure the safety of all.  Some asbestos removal work was done at WMS several years ago and our school’s management plan is available for review on request.  Questions?  Please call the school office.