K-Arts (Performing Arts)

2017-'18 School Year

We sincerely thank Kahilu Theatre Foundation and the Neilan Foundation for providing our students with the learning opportunities and fun they experience participating in K(Arts)!  We also thank the many community instructors and assistants, and our WMS faculty and staff for their support!  

2017 K(Arts) Grand Finale - Kahilu Theatre

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2016-'17 School Year

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2016 K(Arts) Classes:

2015-'16 School Year

The Spring 2016 K(Arts) Grand Finale was fabulous! See Facebook for lots more pictures! 

For a full video of the K(Arts) evening performance:  


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2014-'15 School Year

The closing chant for the Spring 2015 K(Arts) Grand Finale at Kahilu Theatre!  

A huge warm mahalo to our partners and funders -- and also our instructors and program coordinators -- for making this incredible learning experience possible for our students!  

Kahilu Theatre Foundation

The Neilan Foundation

Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture & The Arts

Private Donors

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November 2014:  What A Fabulous Performance - MAHALO K(Arts) Students, Instructors, Assistants, Staff & All Of Our Generous Partners!

These are our student's "Slam Photography" projects that were shared at the K(Arts) Grand Finale! 

Inner Beauty Project:


Change the World Project:


I Have A Dream Project:


Perspective Project:


Free To Be You And Me Project:


Pua Garmon Tribute (students chanted "live" while this was shown):

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2013-'14 School Year

Mahalo to Kahilu Theatre and its volunteer Board and many community friends -- including Ho'okako'o Local School Board, The Neilan Foundation and the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts through appropriations from the Hawai’i State Legislature and the National Endowment of the Arts -- for partnering with WMS in offering our free after-school K(Arts) program! 

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Click on this link to peak at feature story on our K(Arts) Grand Finale performance at Kahilu Theatre on Nov. 20, 2013!  

For short video clip of the K(Arts) Grand Finale, check out this link on youtube!  

K(Arts) Grand Finale At Kahilu Theatre  - Nov. 20, 2014 

We will soon announce classes for Spring 2014!  Stay tuned!  

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A Collaborative Student Project created in K(Arts) Art Class - 2013.

'Ohana News - Feb. 4, 2013

NOTE:  We have replaced African Drumming with an Art Class led by Geoffrey Mundon.  Many students know him as one of the talented native Hawaiian artists they have met and worked with at PIKO Gallery.  Any student who turned in a registration form and chose Drumming should come to the office to see Auntie Bernie to make a new class selection.  Students who chose other classes but who would prefer Art may change their request by seeing Bernie.

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2011 K(Arts) Grand Finale Performance!


Wed., Dec. 14, 2011 - 5:30-6:30 p.m. by students at Kahilu Theatre

Congratulations to our student performers -- you were awesome! 

And...we extend a sincere mahalo to Kahilu Theatre Foundation and its staff (especiall Lisa and Clay),
to Kahilu's grant partners and donors,
to class instructors and assistants,
to our WMS staff who coordinated this, especially Mrs. Bernie Marsh,
and to Ho'okako'o Corp. for helping to fund this,
to David Gomes and many community friends who donated new and gently used 'ukulele,
and finally, to community member Leonard Librizzi for your TLC care of our 'ukulele!

Above Photos Courtesy of Randy Horne - Mahalo, Randy!

2010 Grand Finale Performance - Photos By Randy Horne

Photos Courtesy of Randy Horne - Mahalo!

For a 5th year, Kahilu Theatre and several generous community donors will again partner with WMS to offer a free after-school performing arts program every Wednesday from 1:25-4 p.m., beginning Oct. 12, 2011. 

Students will have a choice of any two of the following classes but space is limited and first come:

· ‘Ukulele

· Hip Hop Dancing

· Tahitian Dancing

· Back-Stage Production

The 2011 application (shown below) has been sent home or may be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 

K(Arts) Memories...  

Backstage Production Crew - 2009


2009 Grand Finale Applause -- From K(Arts) Instructors & Assistants to Students on the Grand Kahilu Theatre Stage!