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Honoring Our Mentors!! 

Click here to read feature story about these incredible community contributors -- and how they are changing lives for the better:

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We Are Again Recruiting Volunteer Student Mentors!  

The “ask” seems modest: Would you consider spending an hour of time each month throughout the school year mentoring a 6th, 7th or 8th grade Waimea Middle School student?  For many volunteers, this small “ask” often grows to a few more hours a month (or week), as students and volunteers connect and truly enjoy their time together. 

It all sounds warm and fuzzy, but years of research confirm that a mentor can make a huge difference in the life of a middle school adolescent.  And, the experience here at WMS is that the students make a huge difference in the lives of their mentors too.  It’s definitely a win-win.

WMS is again recruiting mentors for about 50 students.  There is a screening and training process in place; mentors are interviewed and must undergo the standard fingerprinting and have or get a TB test.  Then the training occurs. 

No special skills are required and mentors to date have come from literally all walks of life – and all ages and backgrounds.  The school carefully pairs mentors up with a mentee and works closely with both throughout the year. All mentoring occurs on the school campus.

If you are interested in finding out more about what it means to become a WMS mentor, please call Amy Kailimai (887-7646) or email    

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A huge mahalo to Hawai'i Community Foundation for funding "Connecting For Success" for WMS students for the past four years, and continuing to help underwrite coordination of a student mentoring program.  

To read the complete Hawai'i Business feature, click here:

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Mahalo to Hawai'i Community Foundation's Connecting For Success program, Kahilu Theatre Foundation & KTA Super Stores

for partnering with WMS to bring 

Spoken Word Poet-Teacher-Hip-Hop Recording Artist Myrlin Hepworth 

to work with our students!  

Check out this video that captures the students' learning experience with Myrlin:

2016 WMS Career Exporation Day - Presented by Our WMS Connecting For Success Program

Mahalo to Hawai'i Community Foundation and the 45+ community members from a wide array of professions 

for coming to share their career stories with our students!  

WMS Career Exploration Day 2016:

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Mahalo to All Students, Families, Volunteer Mentors, Faculty & Staff Who Attended & Supported

Our 'Connecting for Success' Gathering Jan. 28, 2015!  

 'Connecting For Success' Student Cohort (some unable to attend) 

'Connecting For Success' Volunteer Mentors (some unable to attend)

Boys 2 Men Mentors & Student 'Journeymen' (some unable to attend) 

'Connecting For Success' Student Mentors From Parker School w/ Big Brothers Big Sisters!  

Hawai'i County's 'Iron Mayor' Billy Kenoi shared his mana'o at the gathering: 

Dream BIG, Work Hard, Never Give Up!  

WMS’ “Connecting For Success” Family Gathering celebrated students’ 1st Semester achievements, which are, to a large extent, attributable to this program, which provides wrap-around supports tailored to each child by CFS staff, WMS teachers, their families and volunteer community mentors.  These supports enrich each child’s “connectedness” to school, which results in meaningful goal setting, perseverance and never giving up.

The gathering also thanked and celebrated the nearly 50 mentors’ contributions to helping better “connect” students to school, their community and their future. 

First Semester 2014-'15 School Year: 

Boys To Men Weekend Camp - June 2014

Students from WMS, Parker and other Waimea schools prepare to set out on their Boys To Men Weekend Camp -- "an adventure of a lifetime -- challenging and exhilarating! And sometimes it's scary and sometimes it's fun. "Many young men say it was the best weekend of their lives -- focused on Accountability, Integrity, Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Building Friendships, and Stepping into Responsibility." A very warm mahalo to Boys To Men for sponsoring this awesome learning experience for our young men!

Transforming Boys To Men...North Hawaiʻi News feature - April 29, 2014 

To read the entire North Hawaiʻi News feature, which includes many more photos, click on this link: 


WMS Launches Project To Help Students Stay In School & Stay Connected 

To Be Successful In High School and Beyond

WMS Vision:     “A Place of Infinite Possibilities”

WMS Mission:   “Waimea Middle School empowers all students with the skills, values, and cultural understanding to successfully navigate high school and beyond.”

To fully support our Vision and Mission, and understanding of the unique needs of 6th, 7th and 8th grade adolescents, Waimea Middle School applied for and received a three-year “Connecting For Success” grant of approximately $140,000 per year from the Hawai’i Community Foundation.  The program began in Fall 2013. 

Entitled “Sharing Responsibility for Student Success,” the program is intended to help students stay connected with school, succeed in academics, and explore college and career dreams. 

It identifies a cohort of approximately 40 students who would most benefit from strong wrap-around supports and interventions involving faculty-staff, families and community.  Using recognized middle school research and current best practices, personalized supports and interventions are developed to meet the unique needs of each child. 

Program funds included recruiting a skilled counselor and an experienced community outreach coordinator to implement a wide variety of recognized "best practices," all depending on the individual student's needs.  These include: 

v      Individual Student Learning Plans

v      Daily Communication With Teachers and Counselors

v      Student Data Tracking

v      Participation in Free Tutoring Before and After-School and Summer School

v      One-On-One and Small Group Community Mentoring

v      Individual and Small Group Counseling

v      One-On-One Family Communications and Education Workshops

v      Development of a College And Career Readiness Center

v      Sharing College and Career Readiness Opportunities

What is the underlying philosophy of the “Connecting For Success” program?  Schools play a critical role in developing positive academic and health outcomes for youth. Students who believe that adults and peers in school care about their learning and about them as individuals are more likely to succeed academically and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. 

Why middle school students?  A growing body of research indicates that a student’s experience in the middle grades will have a tremendous impact on later high school success. This program hopes to strengthen student connectedness to school so that students will develop the habits they need to successfully transition to high school and beyond. 

To read Carolyn Lucas-Zenk's news feature on "Connecting for Success" in West Hawai'i Today (3/14/14), 

please click here:

To view Big Island Video Newsʻ video news feature, click here: 

To read Carolyn Lucas-Zenk's news feature about our "Connecting For Success" Program and Family Talk-Story With Mayor Billy Kenoi 

that appeared in West Hawai'i Today (3/14/14), please click here:

To view the Big Island Video Newsʻ feature, click here: 

For more pictures, click here: 

To learn more about our "Connecting For Success" program and perhaps becoming a Student Mentor, 

please download the brochures posted below or call/email Suzi Herhold or Lori Ching.

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