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Student Discipline Policy

4th Quarter I KAIR Behavior & 3-Strikes Rules

Letters about 4th Quarter I KAIR Behavior/3-Strikes Rules were sent home by each grade level to families about the rules for end-of-year activities and field trips, such as the annual 

6th Grade Hokuʻula Hike.  The bottom portion of the letter sent home had to be cut off, signed by a family member and returned by May 5 to Advisory.  

All students must demonstrate positive behavior to attend end-of-year field trips and activities.  Students who strike out will require extra parental supervision or will stay on-campus rather than participating in field trips and special events.  Students are urged to work hard to end the year successfully in each of his/her classes! 

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Waimea Middle School has updated it's schoolwide Discipline Policy - please read on...

To review the updated WMS Discipline Policy, please download document posted below.  Copies also are available in the school office.  

Patti Cook,
Feb 1, 2015, 2:27 PM