Great News for WMS Families for the 2017-18 SY:  

WMS students will be provided FREE busing in the district daily, in part because we were “gifted” with buses and vans by the Neilan Foundation, and because we are prioritizing ATTENDANCE.  

Our goal this year is simple:  That every single student attends every day on time, ready to learn.  

We hope that providing convenient free transportation will help families ensure students are here in class every single day.  

We thank all who make this benefit possible for our students and families! 

Busing Application: 

Please doubleclick on this document, or scroll to the bottom of the page to download, print and fill out application to submit to the office.  

Paper copies also are available in the school office.  

Questions?  Please call Kiki Kihoi: 887-6090 Ext. 224, or email: Kiki_Kihoi@wmpccs.org.  

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WMS' beautiful new school buses, fully loaded with state-of-the-art student safety devices - seat belts, student card scanners and audio-video cameras!  

Waimea Middle School's new buses rolled off of PASHA's Jean Ann cargo ship at Hilo Harbor recently.  Also pictured

here is the Jean Ann cargo ship, showing how it provides easy roll-on, roll -off cargo handling and protection from the ocean and salt water.

Again, a very warm mahalo to The Neilan Foundation for donating these vehicles to 

WMS along with the two 12-passenger vans -- all to help our school provide enhanced 

learning opportunities for students while also becoming more sustainable financially.