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May Day Celebration


WMS May Day Ho'ike - Fri., May 25, 2018. Historic Thelma Parker Gym.

Theme: "Ku'u Kula Iwi" - My Homeland

Program begins at 9:30 a.m. Entire school-community invited for student performances and Royal Court.  

9 a.m. Doors Open for Kupuna, Handicapped Guests, Families of the Court or with Infants, and VIPS.  

9:20 a.m. Doors Open For All Others - Please wear a lei!

Warm aloha to all of our teachers, staff, cultural practitioners and families helping to make this long standing Waimea tradition possible!


IMPORTANT:  Wed., April 19 - New WMS Hui 'Ohana Family Meeting & Dinner - 5-6:30 p.m.  Classroom L-04 

                                                            All school families invited along with former May Day Court members!  

                                                           Meet to plan for our annual May Day celebration.  Very informal, family-friendly, light dinner and all invited.  


* * * * *

WMS 6th graders perform for our May Day Court and school 'ohana. 

(Please go to Facebook for many more pictures 
and mahalo to teacher Tina Benson for such a wonderful memory book of pictures.)


Mahalo To Our Court, Our Students, Our Faculty-Staff & Friends & Our Heroes!

Our May Day Legacy Continues!

May Day Performances - 2015 - Friday, May 22, 2015 - Please join us!  

Theme:  Malama Honua - Take Care Of The Earth! 

Please note that the morning performance will start a half hour later than in the past.  

KOKUA REQUESTED PLEASE:  For Waimea Middle School’s May Day presentations on Fri., May 22, 2015 Thelma Parker Gym, we would gratefully accept donations of COQUI-FREE & RED ANT FREE sturdy flowers, greenery and plants for large flower arrangements to transform the gym!  We welcome long-stemmed tropical flowers (heliconia, anthuriums, torch ginger, red and green ti-leaf stalks, monstera leaves, long bamboo (7-8’), potted plants and ferns.  We also welcome use of supplies (staple guns, staples, buckets). 

If able to contribute, please deliver to the gym Wed., May 20, between 3:30 and 6 p.m., or Thurs., May 21 by 8:30 a.m.  The gym is huge so all donations will be sincerely appreciated! 

The 2015 May Day Court selected a Hero from our school's very special Hero Wall -- and they will be honoring this individual during this year's May Day program.  The Court is shown here with heroes who are still with us -- and family members or friends for those who have left us!  It was a very sweet gathering as quite a few are, in fact, WMS alumnae!  

From our WMS Hero Wall...

* * * * * *


2014 May Day Celebration at Waimea Middle School

Waimea School May Day Queens & Court Members - Past & Present! 


‘E Ola Mau Na Leo Kupuna’

‘The Voices of the Kupuna Live On’

Honored Guests This Year:  All Past Waimea School May Day Queens & Court Members

To read more, click on: http://northhawaiinews.com/sections/school-news/families-community-invited-two-wms-may-day-performances-friday-may-9.html

Morning Presentation:

8:15 a.m. –   Seating for WMS students, kupuna, families of the Court and families with infants.

8:30 a.m. –  Doors open for all other families and community friends with music by special guest artists

9 a.m. –        Pu sounds, protocol opening, WMS May Day Court & WMS Student performances.


Evening Presenatation:

5:30 p.m. – Doors open for all to be seated with music by special guest artists 

6 p.m. –       Pu sounds, protocol opening, WMS May Day Court & performances by most Waimea schools and community friends. 


Your Kokua Welcome With Donations of Greenery and Flowers -- and/or assistance with decorating the gym!  

Members of this year's May Day Court practice their chant and hula high atop Hoku'ula! 

Past Waimea School May Day Queens, Court To Be Honored Guests

Families & Community Invited To Two WMS May Day Performances Friday, May 9, 2014   

One of Waimea’s oldest traditions – the celebration of May Day by Waimea Middle School students – continues on Friday, May 9, 2014, and for a second time in many years, the morning performance will – in part – be repeated in early evening, and students from other Waimea schools and dancers and singers from other Waimea groups will join in the evening celebration. 

Doors to historic Thelma Parker Memorial Gym will open for seating for the morning performance at 8:30 a.m. though kupuna and families of the May Day Court and families with infants will be allowed to enter at 8:15 a.m.  Talented Waimea musicians and singers who work closely with WMS students year-round -- Hawane Rios and Keali’i Bertelmann -- will perform from 8:30 until the start of the performance at 9 a.m.  For the evening performance, doors to the gym will open at 5:30 p.m. to music by Hawane Rios and other talented musicians, and the pu will sound at 6 p.m. signaling the arrival of the Court and showtime!

There is no charge for May Day performances and everyone is invited to both shows.  The only request – or suggestion – is to please consider wearing a lei.

Themed, “E Ola Mau Na leo Kupuna – The Voices of Our Kupuna Live”, and both the morning and evening presentations will begin with a protocol opening and formal introduction of the WMS May Day 8th grade Court led by King Keaweiwi Pilayo and Queen Harleigh "Kia'i" Lindsey. They will be accompanied by a retinue of island princesses and escorts as well as pu blowers and kahili bearers. For the first time there will be court members representing the major atolls of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands in addition to the major islands to encompass the entire archipelago of Hawai’i.

Serving as a WMS May Day Court member is significant undertaking.  While court members are elected, becoming eligible and then serving on the court requires a substantial commitment of both community service time and many non-school hours dedicated to researching, writing and also training for the performance. 

As always, May Day begins with a formal protocol opening introducing the court with chants and dances and the coronation of the King and Queen by members of their immediate family.  Then, for the morning presentation, WMS 6th, 7th and 8th grade students will perform a selection chants, songs and dances.  Also performing in the morning program will be WMS students who have participated in the after-school K(Arts) program. 

For the evening performance, students from every school in Waimea have been invited to share a dance, song or chant of their choosing. 

Very special honorees at this year’s May Day presentations will be past May Day Queens and court members – reaching as far back as possible.  All past court members are asked to please check in at a special reception table at the entry to the gym on May 9 to confirm participation. 

Coordinating WMS May Day are ‘Ike Hawai’i Resource Teacher Pua Case, Kumu Keala Kahuanui and Kumu Keali’i Bertelmann.    

For WMS’ annual May Day celebration, historic Thelma Parker Gym is lavishly decorated with greenery, feather kahili and a traditional Hawaiian quilt depicting the Royal Coat of Arms and Hawaiian Flag.  Donations of greenery are needed and may be brought to the gym on Wed., May 7, between 3-6 p.m. or at 9 a.m., Thursday May 8.  Kokua with decorating also is welcome from 9-3 on Thursday. 

For information about May Day, please call Pua Case (938-5550).

* * * * *

WMS May Day Performances - Friday, May 10, 2013! 

May Day
is one of our school’s oldest and most cherished traditions -- a time to celebrate and share all that we have learned about ourselves and the world we live in including our cultural heritage and ties to this very special place!  It’s a huge honor to be elected to the court but comes with many academic and behavior expectations as well as a commitment to learn the protocols and dances for the program. 

This year’s May Day performance will,
for the first time ever, include two performances, one during the school day and one in early evening.  More details to come. 

WMS students have created beautiful feather kahili over the past several years for our May Day presentations. 

2013 May Day Court


     King:     Maile Etherton                  Queen:  Tania duPont

Terri Aholelei, Janese Ambrosio, Quiana Anastacio, Faithlyn Derla, Shawnacee Eggers Gali-Lucero, Tyrah Fernandez,             

Keaniani Kaleleiki, Kaylene Lincoln, Nicole Lorenzo, Teysha Pagdilao, Kamehana Tachera and Kiara Wilsey

Brian Abad, Elijah Anakalea-Buckley, Kea Callihan, Cody Cook, Joseph Hooper, Iokepa Keliiholokai-Agustin, Fernando Pancho,

Kalena Roldan, Kainoa Salumbides, Jeremiah Sam, Ezra Wakinekona and Keighsen Walker. 


Congratulations to our May Day Court and all students, faculty and staff

for an exceptional celebration! 

Our Friday, May 11 May Day Celebration was priceless!  Mahalo to all who attended and contributed... including Paul Buckley - Waimea Music Center, ‘Ainahua Florals, Tootsie Berdon,  Kui and I Florists, Mele Waikiki, Kealiÿi Bertelmann, Häwane Rios, Chadd Paishon, Kit Fletcher-Hill, Kalei Bridges, Michal Carillo, Kaläokahaku Akima, Kuÿulei Keakealani, Naÿalei Liana, Keala Kahuanui, Anna Ranch Heritage Center, Parker Ranch. Hawaiÿi Preparatory Academy, Waimea Elementary School,  Paniolo Country Inn, Lopaka Ventura, Mälaÿai: The Culinary Garden at Waimea Middle School, Melissa Samura, Matt Wung, Dean Ka’ahanui, Nubawi Khentamentiu, Kalani Flores, William and Delma Case, WMS Faculty and Staff, and a special Mahalo to the WMS May Day Court Parents and Families! 

Presenting Our 2012 May Day Court 

King: Zechariah          Ugalde Queen: Megan Kauhi

              Attendants/ Hand Kähili Carriers: Leicha-May White, Shiadani Resendiz

                             Kähili Bearer:  Patrick Cootey


Hawaiÿi                  Antolini Miche, Laÿakea Paio

Maui                     Japhia Noah, Sina O’dell

O’ahu                    Elijah Omori, Tiana Tupe

Kauaÿi                    Elbo Lokebol, Maui Marks

Molokaÿi                 Cherokee Beamer-Barros, Moanaina O’dell

Länaÿi                     Joshua Salazar, Sydney “Hiwa” Thompson

Kahoÿolawe            Matthew Bal, Kyleigh-Ann Keolanui

Niÿihau                   Clyde Hagino, Rachel Higaki


Conch Shell Blowers: 6th Graders — Harleigh “Kia’i” Lindsey, Helen “Pualei” Soares,

Antonette “Missy” Fernandez and Dennis “Iokepa” Huddy-Moody

* * * * *

Families & Community: 
Please Join Us
For Our Annual May Day Celebration Fri., May 11!  

‘Pana Hawai’i’ Theme To Honor The Favorite And Sacred Places of Waimea

In keeping with our school’s ‘Ike Hawai’i journey of learning this school year wherein students have learned about traditional mo’olelo (legends or stories), sites, symbols and practices of Waimea, our 2012 May Day theme will be “Pana Hawai’i,” celebrating favorite and sacred places of Waimea. 

Please mark your calendar to attend on Fri., May 11 in historic Thelma Parker Gym.  The pu will sound at 9:30 a.m., signaling the start of the program.  Seating is limited and first come.  As always, kupuna, cultural practitioners, families of the May Day Court, parents with infants and students will be provided preferential seating beginning at 8:45 a.m.  Then, as music by guest performers begins at 9 a.m., doors to the gym will open for the rest of the school’s families and community friends. 

There is no charge and everyone is urged to wear a lei. 

Contribution of greenery is welcome, including tropical flowers (ginger, orchids, anthuriums, Bird of Paradise), tall ti leaf stalks, monstera leaves, potted palms, palapalai and other ferns, etc.  Please bring greenery to the gym Wed., May 9, between 3-6 p.m. or at 9 a.m., Thurs.  Kokua with decorating is welcome from 9-3 on Thursday. 

Questions? Please call Pua Case (938-5550) or email: Pua_Case@notes.k12.hi.us

 * * * * *

May Day Court 2011

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With Honored Guest "Papa Mau" Piailug

Welcoming "Papa Mau" Piailug

Patti Cook,
May 15, 2012, 7:52 PM
Patti Cook,
May 15, 2012, 7:51 PM
Patti Cook,
May 13, 2012, 5:00 PM
Patti Cook,
May 15, 2012, 7:50 PM
Patti Cook,
May 23, 2013, 6:51 PM