Welcome to Ancient Civilizations!

Overview of this Website

Please use this website as a resource to help you find links that you need for class.  Our school will be using the Journey Across Time social studies book in addition to other handouts and websites.

Search Engines

When researching please use the following search engines to find appropriate material.  Using google is helpful however, using the search engines below will find you more information that is eaasier to read. 



Ike' Hawaii Integrated into Social Studies


Click here to see a visual of when each of the civilizations that we are going to study look in regards to time.   Link

Kids Voting


Each year our students in 6th grade participate in Voting.  Please start researching your candidates so that you can make an informed vote.  Remember your vote counts! 

Link to Document Analysis Forms: (Leila's Training)
    *You may click on the form and fill it out on the computer and print it out, or you may just print it out as it is.   This is great for analyzing photos, cartoon, and other documents. 

Teacher Resource:  Create a rubric, use Rubistar Click here.