Supplemental Application Materials

Video Auditions (due by Feb. 1):
While it is preferable to audition in person, if you live more than 300 miles from Kalamazoo, MI you may submit video and/or audio files for your studio audition.  You must still follow the regular Music application process and should indicate "Video Audition" in place of an audition date.  You also need to submit the WMU Music Submissions Contents form. Some studios may use video submissions for pre-screening purposes (e.g., conducting, voice).  It is recommended that you contact the appropriate studio faculty regarding any questions about repertoire.

Portfolio Files (due 1 week before interview):
Some programs may require you to submit additional materials such as composition scores, multimedia projects, repertoire lists, etc. 

How to Submit:
1) The preferred method is to submit your files via Google Drive using a Gmail account.
2) If you do not have your own Gmail account, you can upload files individually via Manual Upload
3) If neither of these methods work, please contact to arrange an alternative method.  
    Please do NOT send any files as email attachments.