Teacher Evaluation (Q Comp)

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What Is Q Comp, According to the State?

Q Comp was enacted through a bipartisan agreement in the Minnesota Legislature in July 2005. It is a voluntary program that allows local districts and exclusive representatives of the teachers to design and collectively bargain a plan that meets the five components of the law. The five components under Q Comp include Career Ladder/Advancement Options, Job-embedded Professional Development, Teacher Evaluation, Performance Pay, and an Alternative Salary Schedule.

Approved school districts receive up to $260 per student ($169 per student in state aid and $91 per student in board-approved levy) for the program. Charter schools, integration districts, intermediate districts and the Perpich Center for the Arts receive approximately $243 per student in state aid through an equalized levy since these entities do not have authority to impose local tax levies.

Currently, 60 Minnesota school districts and 62 charter schools have implemented programs or have been approved to implement Q Comp for the 2012-13 school year. These programs serve over 540 school sites made up of approximately 19,587 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) licensed staff and 280,689 students. Many additional districts have indicated plans to submit an application for future years. (education.state.mn.us) How is WMEP Utilizing Q Comp?

In 2014, WMEP and its teachers launched our version of the state’s Q Comp program. Led by school administrators and teacher leaders from both campuses, the program is designed to support and reward teachers for their work in helping all FAIR students find success and excellence.  

FAIR teachers meet throughout the year in small groups that focus on increasing our students’ reading comprehension through formative assessments with a focus to:

  • Increasing student engagement
  • Connect with student voice
  • Employ culturally responsive teaching strategies

This work will support both individual and school-wide goals for student learning.

In addition, teachers are observed and evaluated throughout the year by teacher leaders and administrators, and then, supported through opportunities for coaching and mentoring.

For more information regarding WMEP's Q Comp, contact Devrae Hudson, lead coach and observer (devrae_hudson@wmep.k12.m.us or 763.971.4534), and/or Peter Gerdts, Q Comp program coordinator (peter_gerdts@wmep.k12.mn.us or 763.971.4500).

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