Best Practices & Resources

"Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose."
Zora Neale Hurston


How Do We Use Best Practices?

WMEP is committed to utilize best practices within the framework of racial equity. We use the following strategies increase student success:

1. Create strongly connected and supportive PLC teams that are driven by racial equity

  • Instill skills and framework from Coaching for Racial Equity training (PEG) into PLC leadership
  • Utilize PEG Courageous Conversations Protocol (Agreements and Conditions)
  • Create individual staff racial autobiographies according to PEG protocol
  • Focus work on increasing student engagement
  • Incorporate student voice into classrooms and culture
  • Develop student learning goals, individually and building-wide
  • Establish a regular and frequent meeting schedule
  • Measure growth towards student learning goals

2. Increase skills in data analysis and interpretation

  • Analyze multiple types of data (achievement, process, and demographic)
  • Interpret data to determine learning targets
  • Use data to measure progress towards the learning targets
  • Learn to make ongoing adjustments to both goals and strategies to attain the learning target

3. Understand and increase use of formative assessment and feedback

  • Provide students with a clear and understandable vision of the learning targets
  • Use examples and models of strong and weak work
  • Offer regular descriptive feedback
  • Design lessons to focus on one learning target
  • Teach students to self-assess and set goals
  • Teach students focused revision
  • Engage students in self-reflection and ownership of learning
  • Reflect and revise instruction as needed

4. Develop and implement common summative assessments

  • Identify specifically which students did and did not demonstrate mastery of essential standard(s)
  • Identify effective instructional practices
  • Identify patterns in student mistakes
  • Measure the accuracy of the assessment
  • Plan and target interventions, extensions, and enrichments, based on need

5. Align grading structure with standards

  • Create learning targets that align to content, skills and standards with an emphasis on mastery
  • Assess with alignment to learning targets
  • Focus feedback on skills that allow students, teachers, families to identify students' strengths