Student Success

"Success is liking who you are, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."

Maya Angelou

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What Do We Believe About Student Success?

At The FAIR School we believe in the above words of Maya Angelou, and that the definition of success is personal and multi-faceted. It's about being content with who you are, what you do, and how you go about doing what you do.

We are currently in a climate where so much emphasis is put on state mandated standardized test performance, that many people tend to focus on a student’s deficit, what skills they are lacking. But in the real world, people tend to go into, and be successful at, things they do well and what makes them happy. At FAIR, we choose to focus on a students’ strengths, which are the things that make them productive in our society.

So as we define student success on this page, you will see data balanced with students’ thoughts, perceptions, and stories. You will hear about student success, in their own words…

Words From Our Current Students…

Having good grades, and working hard in school isn't the only way to determine whether you're successful! Success is being happy with who you are and what you do! FAIR has allowed me to embrace my talents, and create art that I am proud of! In this way I'm an accomplished student, and I believe I have the power to grow. Tatum V., Class of 2017


I have been successful in may parts of my high school experience. For example I am a very busy person normally. Along with keeping my grades up, I am a competitive figure skater, and I do extra curricular classes for FAIR +. In order to do that, I need to have the right outlook on my goals and tasks each day. I also try to not stress about everything I have to do. I usually take it one day at a time. It's important for me to stay organized and positive about everything going on around me. I notice that when I send off negative energy things are harder to accomplish. Anna B., Class of 2016


Data Results…

High School ACT Scores:

High school students at The FAIR School’s Downtown campus have steadily increased their ACT scores over the past five years. The ACT is scored from 1 (low) to 36 (high) in four categories (English, Math, Reading, and Science). 

According to the August 20, 2014 report from ACT, the composite score of FAIR students has increased by approximately 11% over five years, an increase of almost four points. The largest increase comes in reading, where the average moved from 16 to over 21.
Words From Our Alumni…

FAIR School to me was this magical place of inspiration, learning, and understanding that set the tone for rest of my educational life and personal development. FAIR taught me how to approach life through an artistic lens and how to live as an empathetic soul in a diverse and evolving world. The teachers at FAIR helped me hone skills while also pushing me to continually think bigger, broader, and to aim for farther horizons. I believe a majority of my successes in life are a direct result of the curiosity, social awareness, and interdisciplinary approach to the artistic and academic processes that FAIR fostered in me during my years there. Justin D., (Yale University and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art)


The path to greatness begins with recognizing that one is nothing more than an ordinary individual. This statement demonstrates the importance of understanding that no one person is better or worse than any other. The FAIR School delivers an educational experience within a diverse atmosphere that establishes the equanimity of all people involved while providing an artistic lens on life’s journey.  

For me the FAIR education was not limited to what was done in the classroom. FAIR provided me with an environment that encouraged self-discovery, critical thinking, and challenging the status quo, all while nurturing my spirit, passions, and desire to learn.  The FAIR School provided me with the skills to interact with people from all walks of life with a curious and engaging mindset. Shep A., 2001-2003 (Springfield College and Valdosta State University)


Ever since I took Media Arts, I've been set on pursuing filmmaking. After high school, I worked as a professional studio and wedding photographer at The Photographer's Guild in St. Paul for a little over 8 months. I used that money to move to NYC, where I am now. I just started my second year at The School of Visual Arts pursuing a BFA in film and video studies with a concentration in directing. I've interned at the TriBeCa film festival, and I'm currently working on saving enough money to study screenwriting in Rome this spring. Without FAIR this whole idea of a truly artistic career probably would have never occurred to me, and I owe all the support I received early on at FAIR for my confidence to pursue it to this extent. Sophia R., 2003-2008 (The School of Visual Arts) 


FAIR built a critical lens – along side great amounts of confidence, passion for learning, and thinking – that I have used throughout my experiences in life. FAIR's strength lies not in its ability to teach material, or state governed curriculum, but rather in its ability to teach its students how to think, which is a skill that has benefited me through out all of my endeavors. Sari H-D., 2003-2008 (Lawrence University)


I thrived in the sculpture-like structure of the building, took advantage of the art and technology resources, and pushed the limits of my mind through classwork. My mind’s limits were tested and my thought process expanded. It was in the top five magnet schools for a reason. FAIR changed my life. I mean that in the cheesiest, most heartfelt way possible. Amara B., 2007-2011 (Dancing around the world, Company member of Flock’dance)


FAIR opened my mind to creativity. The teachers and classes gave me the opportunity to find who I was and also be in an educational environment. FAIR helped enhance not only the knowledge I needed for high school, it also helped improve my public speaking abilities, ethical standpoints and views, and overall built my character. In college it is interesting to see that many of the topics learned and discussed at FAIR are still utilized in some of the highest level courses my school has to offer. Although I am not specifically going into the arts as a profession, many of those courses helped me as well. In Theatre I was able to improve my speaking abilities as well as improvisation. In Media Arts I learned many important technological tools that I still use today when creating media. FAIR impacted me more than any other school I attended. As I go into the business and political world, although FAIR was not focused around those professions, I feel more prepared for those fields because of it. Seth G., 2003-2008 (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)


To me success is to achieve and accomplish goals. FAIR influenced me by helping me be able to manage my time with schoolwork and being in organizations at the same time. Being open-minded about things and being able to go to others for help like classmates and teachers because in college you have to communicate with professors if you need help or work in a group with classmates. JacQuazna M., (Texas Lutheran University)


FAIR made me successful because it taught me how to open my eyes up to new possibilities – it taught be how to get along with different races of people. FAIR taught me to never give up and there were always people there to pick my head up when I was feeling down. Success is when you are able to look back on everything that you went through good or bad and say, "I did it." FAIR influenced me greatly, in the most possible way – those were some of the best days of my life. I learned all different kinds of things when I went to FAIR; how to paint, how to draw, how to act, how to play volleyball, how to make movies, and how to speak Spanish. FAIR changed my life for the better, and I miss the people I grew up with. Everybody I know who went to FAIR is doing something good with their lives. Averi T., 2005-2010 (Morgan State)


Being immersed in an interdisciplinary environment where art and culture merged, transformed my perspective and view on the world. I can't imagine not having attended FAIR and not having the open mind I do now because of my years there. Maddie J., 2004-2009 (Eugene Lang College)


FAIR made me so comfortable with who I am, what I liked, and my ideas. I felt valued, confident, and I enjoyed going to school everyday. The school gave me a positive outlook on education. But most importantly, the teachers encouraged me to pursue my passion for art. Without the FAIR instructors, I wouldn't be where I am today. From a very early age, they helped set me on a path to make my dreams and goals a reality. Hannah H., 2005-2009 (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design)


By attending FAIR I got an amazing education, especially on art. I started to appreciate all art forms by going there. I started photography and film making there, and now I am creating short films and putting together photo shoots because of FAIR. Success to me is just accomplishing the goals you set for yourself. It’s not about becoming famous or known to me, its about perfecting what you are passionate about doing. Bre W., 2006-2008 (Bwats Productions)


FAIR provided a well-rounded foundation for my later educational experiences.  Having the opportunity to study the arts as well as the values in diversity has shaped how I see the world – this is something that I have carried with me since 2007. Attending a large university has further verified how unique my experiences at FAIR were, as I have met many people haven't been lucky enough to receive an interdisciplinary education with a diverse student body. Laura S., 2002-2007 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)


FAIR made me really open-minded to art, race, class, and culture. It prepared me quite a bit for high school in which I excelled freshman and sophomore years compared to my peers. Tess M., 2003-2007 (Drake University)


FAIR impacted my life by giving me a view of the arts that I hadn't seen before. They were able to give you core classes with math, science, English, and social studies as well as being able to immerse the student in different arts classes. On top of all of that I gained two friendships that I still maintain to this day. Aly R., 2003-2008 (University of Montana and University of Minnesota)


I felt very closed off to all the different people that are out in the world but after coming to FAIR, I got to see so many different people with different interests and styles. FAIR was an eye-opening experience that I recommended to my younger brothers who now attend, and who I feel have benefited during their time at FAIR. Eden S., 2003-2008 (Winona State University)


FAIR helped me to realize my skill and creativity in media arts. It's what I did in high school and even got a story on KARE 11 News. We worked on projects to improve my high school and community as a whole. D.J. W., 2000-2004 (Wells Fargo)