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Dr. Renee Corneille, Principal of St. Anthony Middle School:

"I’ve been in St. Anthony for the last seven years, but in the last seven months, we have seen an uptick in our ability to actually make the movements that we want to make in the areas of teaching and learning.  We believe that one of the major reasons for that is because of the work that Dr. Matier has provided for her staff and for us."


Amy Kujawski, Instructional Leader at St. Anthony Middle School:

"...we are seeing teacher behavior changing in very positive ways, very impactful ways, because of the support that we’re getting through WMEP."    


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Grace Lephart, Wayzata High School Teacher:

"Today I attended the Restorative Practices workshop with WMEP. I think that it is a truly transformative thing. I feel really empowered because now I have some language that I can use for myself, with my students, and that I can take back to my team. I can envision that this can be culturally transformative, I think, to a school and a community. And that’s really awesome!"


Kari Ross, Director of Teaching and Learning, Saint Louis Park Public Schools:

"Students have shared that this experience [Civil Rights Research Experience] is life changing and enriching beyond words. Without the support of WMEP, we would not be able to offer this important opportunity to our students."

"WMEP has also gone above and beyond offering customized training for our district that is intentionally aligned to our racial equity work and implementation of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy."


Director Nelson Inz, Minneapolis Board of Education:

“…I would encourage anybody that is involved in MPS to take a look at the WMEP website and some of the programs they have there…”