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  What Does WMEP Do?

West Metro Education Program's mission is to build our collective capacity to achieve educational excellence and racial equity. As an integration district, we serve our 100,000+ west metro students and staff through regional leadership, collaboration, commitment, and mutual support.

Operating with the lens of equity leadership and collaboration, WMEP provides the following valuable resources to our member districts:
The latest WMEP Strategic Plan and the summary of notes from the JPB Work Session (10.8.2014) are attached below.

Who Drives What We Do?

As an integration district, we are guided by the collaborative efforts of our executive director, Joint Powers Board, and member districts. However, student success is really what drives the work we do. The goal for the decisions we make, programs we develop, and the opportunities offered is to create valued benefits for our youth and families.

Our professional development/adult learning program is advised by WMEP Regional Equity Partners (WREP), our leadership team. WREP is comprised of at least one representative from each of the our member districts, and collectively, they evaluate prior Cultural Collaborative offerings, communicate with professional educators in their districts, and help WMEP to meet the needs of their member district.

It is the intention of WMEP and WREP is to create educational equity and build adult capacity to have the greatest impact on student achievement for each and every child. Our professional development is designed to be rich, customized and challenging in order to best assist educators, thus strengthening the potential of our region. Our student programs are created to increase student engagement, achievement and college/career readiness.

Savanah Grams,
Jan 11, 2017, 1:33 PM