Tamika Fuller

Data to Instruction Framework (Course Title TBD)

Date: April 26, 2018
Tamika Fuller has an extensive background in advocacy, leadership and customized approaches to accelerating growth. She has experience coaching and consulting nationally, in a variety of settings and is striving to obtain equity across communities in quality educational practice.  Her desire to build capacity in others governs her service as a professional development facilitator. Her expectation for excellence in education rules her work to align districts to classrooms; in order to advance education reform.

Her leadership of child study teams, professional learning communities and educational committees shaped her philosophy regarding interactive teaming and decision making. She understands that proficiency in practice and collective action maximizes impact. She established specialized academies focused on bridging classroom teaching strategies with familial support. Therefore, she encourages a wrap-around approach to education which engages resources, as well as services geared toward sustainable progress.

Comprehensive needs assessments ground her ability to create personalized learning opportunities. Tamika’s knowledge of a variety of assessments contributes to her ability to engage stakeholders at deeper levels of understanding; with regard to data collection, analysis and interpretation. Regardless of the chosen instrument, she can readily apply multiple points of data to establish goals and objectives for individualized students, to school and district-wide improvement plans. She holds a firm belief that armed with the right data, strategic plan and innovative response; anything is possible. Her proven success as both teacher and mentor in turn-around schools has provided her with extensive experience in systems alignment and change management.

Tamika’s dexterity across content areas, grade levels and standards, including Common Core, has increased her readiness to assist with refinement of best practices. She has engaged in establishing model classrooms and has provided demonstration lessons in varied learning environments.  She maintains the mindset of a continuous learner and approaches each endeavor with optimism and integrity. With a spirit of servant leadership, tireless work ethic and no excuses thinking, Tamika is determined to transform education.