Equity Leadership



WMEP Think Tank

Unity is strength. The Think Tank provides a unified and collaborative way to share ideas, fine-tune those ideas, and turn them into actions using the strength of multiple perspectives. It’s a place to problem solve, a place for equity leaders to gather and grow around the conversation of equity, and a place of transformation and direction. It’s a place to birth new approaches, to convene new programs, report and reflect on successes and challenges, and recharge. 

The role of the Think Tank is diverse, and its use could be fluid according to regional needs. It’s a place for equity teams to mobilize, strategize, and share resources. It’s a place to make things happen.

The ultimate goal of the Think Tank is to provide systemic transformation to create educational equity, build authentic relationships, and accelerate learning and change.

Global Ready Networks

WMEP Global Ready Networks (GRN) are cross-organizational, collegial groups united around 21st century student outcomes and support systems to create educational equity. Our GRNs are designed to transfer skills from racial/cultural competency to global readiness. This interest convergence is vital and essential to best prepare a workforce that has the language and socio-cultural skills needed to succeed in a connected, yet diverse, world.

GRN features include:

  • Racial affinity, cross-cultural and job-alike support groups

  • Grounded in racial discourse and focused on educational equity for each and every student

  • Personalized training or development to support educators while working towards a professional goal

  • Face-to-face knowledge/strategy sharing, problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration opportunities

  • Cross district networking

The groups are designed to benefit educators, schools, and organizations through the following:

  • Develop needed affinity, cross-cultural and job-alike support structure

  • Provide professional facilitation and support around racial equity work

  • Build professional relationships and networks to strengthen educators practice, professionalism and trust

  • Create safe space for conversation, reflection and personal growth

If you are interested in joining a Global Ready Network, please sign up here.