Cultural Collaborative Framework


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WMEP Racial Equity Professional Development Framework

WMEP recommends a common protocol for racial discourse. Many of our participants have found that professional development is more effective with a common vocabulary and frameworks. These aide understanding and help facilitate discussions around the variability of learning, our history, and the systematic institutional practices that impact student success by race.  A strong foundation in cultural competency and equity leadership supports the development of effective practices and strategies to positively impact student success and achievement.

Each circle in the framework identifies a subset of our professional development. Courses are color-coded to correlate to its position on the chart. Educators are encouraged to experience learning in all of the “colors” in order to achieve the result – racial equity achievement and opportunity. By using this framework and paying attention to prerequisite requirements, educators can maximize their experience in the WMEP Cultural Collaborative and impact on student achievement for students of all races. 

  • Practices and Strategies workshops promote strategies and the necessary system transformation tools to eliminate racial predictability in student achievement. Practices and strategies, focused on students’ strengths versus a deficit model, enable teachers to utilize best practice to impact student engagement, growth, success and achievement. Cultural Competency workshops increase cultural competence and racial equity consciousness. They also assist in authenticating relationships and increase personal racial and cultural identity development for youth and adults of all races. 
  • Cultural competency helps educators successfully prepare for and teach students who come from a culture other than their own, thus positively impacting student success and achievement. 
  • Equity Leadership workshops provide leadership support for districts to sustain and accelerate racial equity work as well as disrupt institutional racism and predictable patterns of resistance. This disruption makes way for access and opportunities for students who are often systematically excluded, which in turn leads to increased student engagement, success and achievement.