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As the superintendent for the West Metro Education Program (WMEP), it is an honor to extend greetings and welcome you to the great work we do. I feel privileged to have been selected to take up the torch and lead an organization rich in history, experience, quality programming and holding a clear vision and hope for a successful future of ALL of our children.

Our primary goal is to support equity and excellence in education. Whether we are working as an equity leader and collaborator –providing a high-quality, equity-infused school experience at The FAIR School – OR serving educators, community leaders, parents and families through our professional development vehicle, “Cultural Collaborative,” OR the variety of culturally sensitive and competent student programs, we will always keep our goal in mind.

As the weeks and months go by, I will be working with a talented team of dedicated professionals to demonstrate through action – not just words – that we are about doing this work in a quality, integrated manner. Programs and opportunities at WMEP are not “stand-alone.” They have been created to provide a seamless experience in promoting equity, integration, cultural competence and high levels of student achievement.

I invite you as educators, parents, community leaders, students and interested members of all our participating districts and their communities to look into the work of WMEP to see how it contributes to your school(s), community and society. Then I ask you to seek ways that you might join us in the important work of creating a better future for all students and families. 

Feel free to email keith_lester@wmep.k12.mn.us or call 612.752.7202 for more information on our district and/or to find out how you can be a part of this important work.

Keith E. Lester
WMEP Superintendent