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Dare 2 Be Real


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Co-founded by WMEP Equity Coach Anthony Galloway and local educational leader Dr. Patrick Duffy, D2BR promotes, addresses, and discusses racial equity and leadership.  Students undergo intensive training and structured discussions that are intended to prepare a new generation for global readiness.  Through cross-cultural coalitions, students use their knowledge, skills, and voices to become actively involved in the community.

Students from D2BR programs come together for cross-district collaboration each year through the annual Dare 2 Be Real Summit, and beginning in 2017, they will play an instrumental role in several intentional cross-district conversations as part of the Reimagine Minnesota initiative. 

In the Dare 2 Be Real program, students explore their own racial and cultural identity through their:

  • Study of critical race theory, United States history, and the development of racial identity 
  • Attendance at Courage Retreats for Leadership 
  • Development
  • Experience in the Underground Railroad Simulation (a 30-year-old program founded in MN)
  • Immersion in cultural experiences
  • Development of school programs and events to engage their school communities in a larger conversation about equity and inclusion

Students in Dare 2 Be Real have made presentations at local and national educational conferences including the Summit for Courageous Conversations about Race™ in Baltimore, Maryland. 

These students have also led retreat experiences for elementary students to help them address issues involving racial conflict and bullying. Individual Dare 2 Be Real groups have partnered together to form a larger regional discussion and to share best practices.  

Individual Dare 2 Be Real groups have partnered together to form a larger regional discussion and share best practices. For more information on this group, contact WMEP Student Programs Lead Anthony Galloway at 612.752.7210.

*The Underground Railroad Simulation is a 30-year old program founded in Minnesota. The experience simulates southern slaves' frightening and sometime brutal experiences as they fled to the north and to freedom.