U.S. History
Karen Uhler
7th Grade

A healthy democracy requires deep,  critical, and creative thinkers.   

Mrs. Uhler began teaching at Richfield Middle School. After her first year, she learned about a new interdisciplinary arts/integration school opening in the Robbinsdale district.  Mrs. Uhler interviewed for a teaching position at FAIR School, toured the construction site, and was thrilled to become part of the staff that opened the school in the fall of 2000.   

Her education began in the Robbinsdale district.  Mrs. Uhler received her B.A. degree in Anthropology and Spanish from the University of Minnesota, where she also earned a Master’s degree in social studies education.

Mrs. Uhler strongly believes in the potential of all students to achieve and thrive, and she considers it her responsibility as a teacher to ensure that the doors are open for them to pursue their goals.  She is passionate about helping them to develop into informed and engaged citizens in a diverse and dynamic democratic society. 

Mrs. Uhler lives in Minneapolis with her husband, also a teacher, and daughter, who is in fourth grade.  Mrs. Uhler and her family enjoy going to Mexico and to the Gunflint Trail, either skiing in the winter or hiking in the fall.  Recently Mrs. Uhler and her family built a clay wood fire oven in their backyard and have had fun refining their pizza technique.  As much as she enjoys her summers, though, Mrs. Uhler always eagerly anticipates returning for a new school year. 

Course Description:
U.S. History

The purpose of this interdisciplinary, humanities-based class is to prepare students with the knowledge and ability to critique the core values that have shaped and continue to influence the people, groups, and institutions of the United States, as well as an appreciation for the distinct voices that form the shared history and cultural heritage of this democratic nation.

We explore modern U.S. History by confronting these fundamental questions: What are the founding values of American democracy? Where did these ideals originate? How have we as a country lived up to these ideals, and when and why have we failed to honor them? By whose efforts have “We the People” become more inclusive? And, How do we confront the modern challenges of a rapidly changing global community?

Student outcomes derive from state and national standards for social studies. Classroom teachers collaborate with each other and with the Arts teachers to integrate themes and activities across disciplines.

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