Algebra II & Precalculus
Colleen Atakpu

"Success in learning is not defined by what you already know, but how you persevere when you don't."

Ms. Atakpu is a Minnesota native. She started her educational journey as an engineering major at UW-Madison. While she was completing her MS in Industrial Engineering, she was fortunate to find a position working for a tutoring program at Madison Memorial High School. It was through this position that she discovered her passion for helping students find a love and understanding for math and motivated her to complete a MS in Education Leadership and Policy. She then decided to move back to Minnesota to complete her teaching degree through Hamline University and the Twin Cities Teaching Fellows Program. She most recently worked for two years at Laura Jeffrey Academy in St. Paul. This will be her second year at FAIR Downtown.

Ms. Atakpu strives to create an environment where students are comfortable making mistakes, asking questions and learning from each other. She brings the world of mathematics out of the classroom by relating learning to real-world problems and focusing on improving critical problem solving skills

Ms. Atakpu enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring different ways to stay fit, reading, cooking and traveling. 
Course Descriptions:
Detailed syllabi under Algebra II Files and Precalculus Files.
Algebra II
Algebra II is a continuation of Algebra I. Students are challenged by new concepts that require graphing skills and analyses of linear functions, quadratics, polynomial and conic sections. In addition, students engage in rigorous academic activities as preparation for college entrance exams and field applications. This course meets entrance requirements for university admission and prepares students for Trigonometry/Precalculus.
Precalculus topics include function notation and transformations along with the properties of graphs of the following functions: quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric. Other relations such as ellipses and hyperbolas will also be studied. As part of this course, students also learn about composite and inverse functions and the applications of analytic trigonometry. This course prepares students for college-level math courses including Calculus.
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Homework and in-class assignments that can be downloaded.

Homework and in-class assignments that can be downloaded.

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