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The mission of WMEP is to build the collective capacity of its members; to raise the achievement of all students; to eliminate the racial achievement gap; and to prepare all learners to thrive in a diverse world through regional leadership, integrated learning opportunities, shared resources, and mutual support.

We believe our students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the 21st century through access to technology. In addition, we believe:
• The schools of the 21st century must be prepared to bridge the digital divide.
• The effective use and infusion of technology in our classrooms will strengthen our curriculum and our ability to reach all learners.
• Equity in education must include giving all students the opportunity to learn and practice the skills of the twenty-first century.

District 1:1 Program

To align with the mission of WMEP and  ensure that every student has equal access to digital resources, we have a 1:1 program in the following grades:
1. Grades K-2 (1:1 iPad program) 
2. Grade 8 at FAIR Crystal 1:1 iPad program) 
3. Grades 9-12 (1:1 laptop program)

2012-2015 District Technology Plan

The West Metro Education Program has adopted a technology plan with the following goals:
1. Implement curriculum to increase student achievement and learning in the classroom.
2. Implement and maintain a sound technology infrastructure (network, servers, computers, and Internet access) to allow for greater processing capacity, Internet capacity and, and storage for multi-media based projects.
3. Make all technology decisions that will allow for equity of access.
4. Improve communication among staff, students, and parents.
5. Develop a culture of learning which embodies creativity, technology, and prepares students with skills and concepts to be successful in a future world.
6. Support the needs district staff development.
7. Support existing systems and equipment with personnel and contracted services.

Internet Access Information

Check out the following links to access the Internet at no cost or discounted rates.

For information regarding WMEP's technology and 1:1 programs, contact Brenda Brusegard (Downtown) at or Mark Daniel (Crystal) at

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