Preparing All Students Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow

Agriculture Education: Click to see what's happening in Mr Carolan's Class
Courses Offered:   
    Agriculture Education 1                                       Environmental Science
    Agriculture Education 2                                       Animal Science
    Horticulture/Landscaping                                   Veterinary Science  
    Survey Animal Industry (ECC)                             Farm Business Management (ECC)

Business Education: Click to see what's happening in Mr Weigert's Classes
Courses Offered:   
    Computer Application                                         Free Enterprise
    Digital Photography/Video Editing                   Yearbook
    Marketing                                                              Accounting

Family Consumer Science: See What’s Happening Mrs Gray's Classes
    Courses Offered: 
    Foods I                                                                    Foods II

    Child Development I                                            Child Development II

    Independent Living                                              Fashion and Textiles

    Interior Design

Industrial Technology: See What’s Happening Mr Switzer's Class and Mr Chesler's Class
Courses Offered: 
    Woods Technology                                                  Advanced Woods Technology
    Drafting                                                                     Manufacturing Technology
    Metals                                                                        Advanced Metals
    Introduction to Engineering                                   Principles of Engineering
    GTT Design and Modeling (Middle School)          Electricity

GTT Automation and Robotics (Middle School)