West Marshall Foundation Information

West Marshall Foundation Information

This year will mark the 14th year of scholarship gifts given by the West Marshall Foundation.

To date, 629 students have received a total of $335,000 in scholarship monies for post secondary pursuits.

The  WM Foundation group is very grateful to our community members and donors for their generous support

of our scholarship program.

Our group's scholarships come from endowments set up by individuals or businesses.  To start an endowment, individuals or businesses have given the Foundation $2500.  The interest built each year funds scholarships.

A great share of our scholarships are given in the form of monetary donations to our organization through our Mail a Thon and yearly donations. 

Your interest in our students for their post secondary pursuits are greatly appreciated.

Visit our Endowment Page and our Scholarship Winners Page for a complete list of our scholarship donations.