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Quarter 3 Learning Targets


1. I can demonstrate growth in my reading and writing through workshop


2. I can analyze the meanings and impact of words both literally and figuratively in a novel

3. I can follow a thematic element and its effect on literary elements throughout the course of a novel with my notes

4. I can analyze how a character changing their point of view changes the text.


5. I can draw evidence from literary texts to support analysis and reflection.

6. I can develop a topic in writing with relevant details, evidence, and analysis.

7. I can clarify my writing for an audience with less information on the topic than myself.

Speaking and Listening:

8. I can verbally present my own ideas coherently, with evidence and reasoning, and appropriate eye contact and volume.

9. I can generate questions about others’ statements.

10. I can prepare for a Socratic Seminar by reading the text and generating ideas based on the discussion prompts.