Welcome, Athey Creek scientists and engineers!

Here you will find helpful information and links that we will be using throughout the school year.

Ms. Snow's information:

Email - goldstrh@wlwv.k12.or.us

Office Hours

Monday and Friday: 8:30 - 9:15

Google Classroom

Period 1 key: gcrr2h3

Period 2 key: yt3zj4z

Period 4 key: lerdmx

Period 5 key: tv9g0l3

Period 6 key: tbdbr3g

Class Social Media

Twitter and Instagram

Handle: @ACMS_STEMpower

Username: ACMS Science 'n Tech

Twitter link: ACMS STEMpower Twitter

Instagram link: ACMS STEMpower Instagram

**These social media tools are simply to encourage you to see a more mature and professional use for something in which you are already accustomed.

Neither of these accounts are required for the class but are encouraged.

Let's use them wisely and respectfully!

Tips for social media engagement


- if your account in set on "Private," you may send me your Instagram photo as a Direct message, I then will screen shot your photo and repost

- Send yourself the photo through email and after approval from me, you may use my classroom iPad to post the photo directly to the class account