HOT SHOTS: Anthony, Medaleigha & Sonya!!  

Math: We have been working on 2 step word problems that have seemed to be quite the challenge for some students. We are going to spend 2 days this week on some geometry lessons, and the other 2 days working on some math review. 

Reading: The students are writing a narrative scene from Peter Pan. They had the choice to write a scene about Wendy having to save Tinkerbell or Peter, Wendy and Tink finding a new magical creature on the island. Ask your child what their narrative story is about! 
iFARM: Please help your child remember all of their materials in the morning - iPad, folder, agenda, reading and math! 

NYS Math Assessment: The NYS Math test is scheduled to be given to our students on 5/1 and 5/2 when we get back from Spring Break. The test is paper-based and will begin promptly at 9:15 each day. 

Cereal Party: As a celebration for the students' hard work on the math assessment, we will be having a cereal party on 5/3. They will also be watching the movie Wonder, as we will be finishing up the book soon! In order to participate, I have asked the students to take their time, show ALL of their work on each problem, and try their best. 

EASTER: The students have the word EASTER on their desk this month. They are trying to keep their letters to be able to participate in our classroom egg hunt on April 18th. Ask your child how many letters they have left!? 
Upcoming Dates: 

4/18 Class Easter Egg Hunt 
4/19 - 4/26 Spring Break - No School
5/1 and 5/2 NYS Math Assessment

Monday: Math: 
Tuesday: Math 
Wednesday: Math
Thursday: No Homework
Friday: No School

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