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Resume Writing & Online Posting

Susan Ireland Resumes 

Resume expert and author Susan Ireland's website offers free resume templates, resume and cover letter writing advice, and interviewing tips.Get tips on online job posting and emailing resumes.  People who learn better in Spanish can try http://www.susanireland.com/espanol/

The Riley Guide

This comprehensive job search site offers instructions on Preparing the Perfect Plain Text Resume and Using Employment Kiosks and Online Job Applications, including links to practice job applications.  The Help With Your Resume and CV page covers almost any topic related to resume preparation with links to the best Internet sites for each.  Come here to read up on privacy issues and the best ways to protect yourself during your job search.

eResumes & Resume Writing Services  

This comprehensive eResume site has so much information that it's difficult to take it all in.  Skip the part about resume posting services, but don't miss Resume Tips, Resume Keywords,
Action Verbs, the 30 Minute Resume and the Resume Tutorial. Read down the menu on the left hand side to find the complete list of topics.

Jobstar Central Electronic Resumes

Jobstar is a job search site maintained by California public libraries.  Their Electronic Resume page defines the basics of the e-resume and lists websites, articles and books which give you information on creating an e-resume and on safe job posting.  Their page on Resume Banks explains why employers use them and provides guidelines for evaluating job banks.


1,001 cover letter templates with tips on how to write a good cover letter, sales letter, and thank you letter.  Among the many topics addressed are: how to answer an online job post like a pro, and how to follow up effectively.