Parent Resources

At the beginning of this season, all of you received a link from Amy Wranovsky about signing up for volunteer dates. Click the picture below to log-in!!1524772/false/false

Planned Absences
Going to miss a rehearsal? Click this link to submit a planned absence form.

New Reed Prices
As many of you already know, students are able to purchase reeds directly from Mr. Petersen. These prices have been updated as of the last purchase from the music store. All purchases will be billed to student accounts and you will receive a bill from the WLHS Business Office.

Bb Clarinet - $2.50 
Bass Clarinet - $5.00 
 Alto Sax - $3.00 
 Tenor Sax - $4.00 
 Bari Sax - $5.00

Band Parents Board
If you have questions about volunteer opportunities or any other questions, these volunteers are the leaders of our Band Parents Organization. 
   President | Adam Nass - 
  Vice-President | Amy Wranovsky -
   Treasurer | Steve Wranovsky -
   Secretary | Jennifer Reinke - 
   Uniforms | Darnell Anthony - 

This year, WLHS has transitioned to a new custom clothing supplier. Instead of waiting for each semesters order, you can now order something specifically customized to your taste and it comes directly to you! 

There are countless options of designs, colors, sizes, styles, and other accessories. If you change category, you can have everything say "Wisconsin Lutheran Band" on it. It's a great resource that can really customize a lot of things. Click the link to explore some more and get your Wisco Band Wear!

(This does not replace the year's show t-shirt.)