We are entering our 5th week of school!!  Be sure to check on your child's RC progress for this quarter.  Please continue to check assignment books and make sure work is being completed.  Your support is needed and appreciated!!

Spelling: We will be doing Unit 4 spelling words with a contract due Thursday and test on Friday, September 13.

Reading:  We have been studying nonfiction text features as well as multiple comprehension strategies.  We are continuing with nonfiction with lessons on text structures.  Students will be reading, writing, and distinguishing between various text structures that are common in non fiction.  They will then complete a non fiction poster project using all the skills they have learned.  Students will have a rubric and some class time to work on this.

Language:  We will review on Tuesday and have our Unit 1 test on Wednesday this week.  Nouns will be our next unit.

Math:  My class is starting Theme 2 this week.  We will be working through these lessons for the next couple weeks!

Science:  MATTER!!!  We are starting our unit on matter this week.  We have a such a good time with this unit.  We have several edible labs, including ice cream.  

.Your child should be reading every night!!!  If your child is having too much homework, please contact me!  This usually means that class time is not being used wisely!!

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