Rapid Prototyping

There are many materials that can be used for creating prototypes. 

InstaMorph becomes moldable at a relatively low temperature (60°C / 140°F) and solidifies at room temperature. This property alone make it ideal for use for lots of projects and skill levels.
Reheat and Remold it again and again.

InstaMorph can be remolded again and again simply by reheating it. Make a mistake? No problem! Want to tweak it a bit? Just reheat it!
No special tools or activators are needed

No messy chemicals here. Just heat InstaMorph in hot water, in the oven, or using heat gun and mold it with your hands (be careful there) or any other tools you might have. See the instructions on using InstaMorph for more detailed information.
InstaMorph can be painted, dyed, machined, carved or stuck.

The possibilities are endless! InstaMorph even has it’s own specially formulated pigment coloring pellets to help you dye your white InstaMorph into any color you desire. InstaMorph doesn’t stick to much, but will readily bond to some other plastics like ABS (think Lego bricks), acrylic, polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, and vinyl plastics.


Sugru is mouldable glue. Stick it, shape it and it will turn into rubber. We invented it to make fixing and making easy and fun. And now it comes in 10 handy colours!

 Shipping Materials

Make friends with the person in your receiving department. There is a wealth of material that can be collected and reused in countless ways. 

Recycle boxes, cut and reuse packing foam. The possibilities are endless...and FREE!!!!

  Insulation Foam