The littleBits Workshop Kit will be available on loan to teachers who complete the littleBits workshop. 

The littleBits Workshop Set offers many possibilities with 100 modules, 10 each of the most popular modules. it’s the perfect tool for your classroom, makerspace, library or after-school program. You can easily structure lessons and workshops with this set!

-- Features a comprehensive workshop guide 
-- Easily demonstrate the power of the maker movement and learning-by-doing
-- Includes official littleBits tacklebox for easy storage and transport 
-- Perfect for hands-on STEM/STEAM learning
-- Supports iterative learning through design challenges 
-- Access hundreds of projects and lessons available online


Educator Guide

Quick Start Guide

Project Booklets

Individual Bit Cards

Arduino Quickstart

CloudBit Quickstart

Tips and Tricks

Reimagine Learning Through Making and Play