2013 Symposium

When: 9am-4:30pm Friday 12 July 2013
Where: Watson Hall, Wentworth Institute of Technology, 550 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02115
Caracas Venezuela's La Carlota Park Ideas Competition winning entry by Manuel Delgado, Jorge Perez Jaramilo & OPUS

What: The 2012 La Carlota Park Ideas Competition attracted 69 international entries for the redevelopment of the areas surrounding the 103 hectare (255 acre) La Carlota airfield in Caracas, Venezuela. This Symposium invites key figures behind Boston's ongoing transformation and a dozen of the awardees recognized by the La Carlota competition, for an exchange of ideas in response to the questions:

  • What do the ongoing design transformations of Boston and Caracas have to learn from each other?
  • How might these insights inform the design and implementation of Caracas’ La Carlota Park or the renewal of Boston’s rich cultural landscapes?
  • How can design transform the life of a city?


Keynote Address: 
The Honorable Antonio Ledezma, Mayor of Caracas

Presenters & Respondents: 
Ricardo Avella/Natalia Linares, UCV Caracas
Carlos Brillembourg, Architect New York
Ignacio Cardona/Fran Paul, USB Caracas
Manuel Delgado, WIT Boston, UCV Caracas
María Isabel Espinosa/Folco Riccio, USB Caracas
James Kostaras, Institute for International Urban Dev.
Carl Koechlin, South Shore Housing Development Co.
Boris Muñoz, Rockefeller Center for LA Studies
Jorge Perez Jaramillo/Carlos Betancur, UPB Medellín
Elisa Silva/Ines Casanova, UCV Caracas